Fintech Talk Gurus

I hope that everyone who visits and posts on the Fintech Talk forum would like it to grow and become a great source of information for all of us. I wondered what could be done to accelerate this growth and thought about the role of Gurus in reaching more users.

To the specifics. One of the gurus has
not been seen here for almost 2 months.
Others are more active on the other forum(s). Isn’t it high time @Liam had a closer look at some of the regular users who have been active here, posted quality content and conducted themselves in a professional manner? Your thoughts, please?

Does it actually matter? I mean, no disrespect to our highly respected gurus, but do they actually do anything? And is there actually a need for them to do anything?


Assuming we all go by Liam’s rules, which are basically “free speech but no personal attacks” then not really

They could stimulate the forum traffic by posting stories, starting discussions, etc. Good gurus can make the community better. Absent gurus will not ruin it for sure. But yeah, what is the guru badge for, really?

You, and I and anyone else can do this, without being called a guru, no?

My somewhat more serious take on this is that gurus may make sense in a corporate forum. (Although even there they might cause problems.) In a (supposedly) non-aligned forum one might need moderators (although Liam seems to be coping fine on that front at the moment, but only he can tell), but I don’t think gurus make sense.

Just my opinion though…


Absolutely. What is the point of having gurus then, especially if they are absent or prefer spending time on the other forum? It seems that some gurus have lost interest in being part of this community once Starling terminated their corporate affiliation. I agree with you that their role is redundant at present.

Hey, it gives me something else to put on my CV… :rofl:

Seriously though; I do have it on my CV, listed as a Starling Bank Guru from Sep 2017 to Sep 18. I have it listed alongside my current job and voluntary work.

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This was a starling thing so not sure it should have transferred over anyway.


Edit… Starling never had any affiliation with this community.

@anon72537109, Liam gave the “old” Gurus, the same tag on this forum, to pay homage to our incredible philanthropic work that we dutifully carried out over many… many hours :joy:

But, on this forum, the “Guru” has zero benefit, or extra powers over every other user (aside from @Liam)

There have been a few times this forum could have done with some extra mods to tidy things up a bit - But there just doesn’t seem to be enough chatter to make it worthwhile (just my opinion of course).


I guess if some gurus spend less time somewhere else than here, it would be busier! :rofl:

I didn’t express myself clearly. Some gurus, in my opinion, never really had interest in being on this community as it lacked corporate affiliation.

I don’t think anyone expects it to be active or busy. It was just created so people had somewhere else to talk after the starling forum was closed.

I can’t speak for others, but I think both forums serve a good purpose.

There is a much more diverse range of opinions on the Monzo forum, but sometimes the actual information can be buried in the off topic threads.

Here, you generally get quality answers, but from a much smaller sample of people.

I like to browse both, and generally enjoy the different conversations that happen on both :grinning:


This clarifies things. I thought Gurus had more impact on this community. In the light of the above, I rest my case. We are all Gurus it seems! :joy:

I believe it would be beneficial to all users and lurkers if this community kept growing. I don’t think anyone would like to argue against it

Ah I see :slight_smile:

Sorry, I joined this discussion late.

The ‘guru’ tag was indeed a way of grandfathering the old status from Starling’s forum. In my head, I saw it as a way of recognising those who know a product well and were able to help others out.

With this in mind, I guess that ‘guru’ would eventually have been a ‘Starling Guru’ and joined by gurus who know the other products.

If there’s no value in it then I have no problem with removing the group.

As for future moderation: as we (hopefully) grow, I’d like to open up the moderators’ group. No idea what I’d call them yet but I am waiting for the daily post count to get up a bit first.


I seem to remember @danmullen absolutely loving the name “Flight Squad”


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I think that related to the weird plane icon that was originally used to show the gurus, before I changed it to the star.

Nah, that was in response to Starling wanting to rebrand the Gurus on the old forum.

I don’t seem to remember the other suggestions!

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