Fintech unicorn N26 under scrutiny from German banking regulator


I heard they were being investigated by TWO separate regulators


I agree totally with this. In my opinion, the CS is extremely poor, the live chat in app they just sound so inexperienced.

@danmullen - I’d hardly call them a rival to Starling at all like this article suggests. I’ve been chatting to Starling CS recently and I’m so looking forward to going back on May 2. Truly so friendly, very informative, straight to the point and no going round in circles like I had with the Monzo CS shortly before I left.

N26 aren’t even in the same league.


Maybe I should close my N26 account.

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depends if you need it/favour it over starling/monzo.

I’m at the point of, where I don’t think their UK offering is going to get any better… anytime soon…


I’m keeping mine, it does everything I need and I have access to them on the phone.

That said I use it primarily as a spending account so there are never large sums of money in it

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Starling need to release a Premium account with a Metal card :frowning:


or just a better quality card than the one they have now. the current one looks and feels cheap

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I’ve come round to it - wasn’t keen at first but it’s grown on me. At the end of the day, I rarely take my card out of my wallet anyway, I usually use Google Pay. I couldn’t care less about metal cards!


Was the teal card not liked when it was first revealed? - Even from the original announcement, I always found the colour very striking from the pictures I’ve seen.

I did think the portrait aspect was gimmicky to start with. However, reading more into their reasoning, I could see it’s not, and it’s the perfect design for how we use cards day to day now.

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I have to admit, I have never nor would I, choose one banking provider over another on account of what the account card looks like. I get it that some customers are quite fanatical when it comes to what a card looks like, but at the end of the day, it hardly matters, certainly not to me personally. If Starling Bank changed their debit card from Teal to bright orange, I wouldn’t care less personally just as long as it worked.

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Apologies I am about to take this way of topic…

it’s not the colour for me it’s the actual quality of the card. it’s feels poorly designed and cheap…

I also 100% agree with @Topsy2 and others that it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. However for me a bank (or any company) with no physical presence and only a debit card and an app to interact with needs to make sure the only bit of the physical interaction I have with them is of the highest possible quality.
It doesn’t have to be a metal card but each of my teal cards had a misprint on the Mastercard logo. That’s a detail they could fix if they cared a little bit more about that part of the interaction. I still maintain they only went teal the way they did to compete with hot coral (and didn’t need to). I liked the purple card


I seem to remember it divided opinion. I’ve definitely come round to it now though and I always get very positive comments when people see it. Two people I work with signed up for an account on the spot because they loved the look of the card!

I actually think the quality is absolutely fine. Perhaps there was a bad batch of cards at some point?

Every one I have looks cheap (I only have two)

The sparkly teal isn’t a very premium look, in my opinion. I’d much prefer a matte finish. I’d like a metal one though, with some lounge key access :joy: