First Direct - App notifications on the way?

The FD design team have been asking for thoughts on notifications. Would be great to see this happen.

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It’s good they are asking but all they need to do is create controls anyway, make it more useful than notifications for everything, that is what they are all lacking controls.


Does anyone have any update on whether FirstDirect will be enabling notifications, and on what accounts?

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FD are so behind that I wouldn’t be surprised if the FD implementation of notifications was something like a lovely lady from Leeds actually phoned you to tell you that you’ve spent money, rather than a push notification via the app.


And customers would think it was great, always mentioning how she was so “lovely and chatty”!


It’s almost as if they exist in a parallel universe where it is still 1990 and the internet is, itself, a new curiosity.


Thanks. Good news. For debit and credit card transactions, or just debit? Have they published this, or did you just ask them?

It is debit and credit cards, for all HSBC brands.

It has been posted here by the user quoted, who is an employee of HSBC involved in the modernisation work.

They found the thread and decided to join here to post, which is great of them!

There’s no reason to doubt the info either - it has all been accurate so far.

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Any update on where this is timing-wise? No sign of any updates so far.

I was fold from the person on this forum who works for HSBC that notifications(for HSBC customers not FD) will be available for everyone out of the box in a November app update. However, this person has been quiet recently and as we are approaching December I’m not sure what will happen!

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No update here I assume. FD seems to be being very slow…

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