Flux is broken on Starling App iOS 0.70.0


I’ve Tweeted Flux and Starling to report an issue. Flux are now investigating.

(Liam) #2

It’s fluxed?


Haha groans :rofl:


Starling still aren’t at Version 1.0??!!!


Why would they be?


I don’t know how these things work. I thought they would’ve started at 1.0, or gone there when they launched to the public. Seems like a milestone. Not sure what they’ll release when they flip over to 1.0.


In the past perhaps. I don’t think version numbers mean that much now

(l8n.me) #8

Clearly the flux capacitor has exploded…


I asked this on the old forum - My thought process was that as they weren’t at 1.0, it was still in beta.

Their staff (Kris) came on and explained they don’t work that way, and the numbers don’t mean anything.

That being said, I still think they’ll have a big update for 1.0 when it does come around.

(Tom) #10

That’s my thinking, too. Always found it weird that Starling has been around for a while and still not hit v1.0