Font Size- How do you change it?

Not sure if it is just me but the font size is huge compared with the Monzo forum. Is it set at site level or is there a user setting?

That might be my fault!
I thought the default font and size were too small.

I can shrink the text if people want that.

Are you looking on a phone or computer?

I changed to the other “Light theme”. There where 2 under my profile

  1. Light
  2. Light
  3. Dark

One of the light themes shrinks the font considerably

I like the typeface on the default theme, but yeah, a little smaller would be nice!

I was about to say the same thing. Much prefer it back at 1em. :slight_smile:

Edit: I like how Discourse updates the font size in realtime as you’re adjusting it!

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Made a quick change.
1.05em on desktop, 1.0em on mobile.

See how we get on with this.


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Yes, discourse is a pretty nice piece of kit to work with. Much nicer than the previous forum software I’d played with, phpBB.

It’s quick too, and love the real-time updates.

We use a little Ruby on Rails at work though… I’m not looking forward to updates!

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@Liam- much better- thank you!

I wondered the same about the text last night too. Definitely much better.

I definitely like Discourse from a user point of view more than others I’ve used, I know it seems to be a bit of a ‘Marmite’ subject with a lot of people. Are you saying the Admin side is nicer too @Liam?

The last forum I ran was based on myBB which I preferred over other forum software I’d used before.

Admin is not too bad, actually.
There are bits that are not intuitive, but that’s probably a hangover from me using other forum software and expecting it to function differently.
Integration with Twitter and Facebook was straight forward, and there is a plethora of settings.

It’s also nice to have 2FA available to users out of the box. I have enabled this for myself and would urge others to do the same.

Having to build it was an unexpected one for me. With web apps I am used to finding a bundle of php or similar files and uploading them to an apache server.

Discourse utilises Ruby on Rails and consequently you build it and deploy it. All was straight forward, though getting it integrated with a third party mail service was a pain.


I’ve been playing with it using the pre-built Docker image on Digital Ocean. Getting it to relay mail through Office365 has been a real pain

I was using the one of the services suggested on Discourse’ website. Thing it took a while to get the DNS txt records right.

A lot of the test mails I send at around 1pm suddenly turned up around 9pm!

No idea why it suddenly behaved.

I would imaging getting it set up with O365 would be a real pain - most things are in O365 admin! (even adding user licenses has you darting between screens!)

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