For Starling and Flux users


bah, should have read the T&C’s… only open to new customers…


It does read that way but I wonder if it’s just badly worded? Might be worth buying a drink and seeing what happens!

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Usually go to Costa anyway if I’m out and about and needing my caffeine fix!

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New customers only feel a bit… naff.

Love the idea, love the partnership… But new customers only?!

There’s nothing I hate more than “new customer” only deals… :joy:


So does this mean Costa is now available on Monzo as well?

No idea, but this offer is for Starling customers, even goes so far to mention “not for other banks” in the T&C’s

Seems like a pretty crappy deal, not to mention a convoluted one. Are people really going to sign up to Flux if they haven’t already, THEN sign up to Starling, THEN connect them in the marketplace… simply to get a quid or two off their coffee? I can understand this as an awareness-raising offer for existing customers, but I’d have thought it would annoy more existing customers than the number of new customers it will attract.


I’m inclined to agree with this statement.

Unfortunately for the new banks who very proudly advertise that they “do things differently” to the old school banks, they will be compared at every opportunity.

“New customer” only deals are associated with old, unfair companies.

You even have adverts now which play on that (the guy in “disguise” signing up for a new customer deal).

For existing customers, this would have been the first major coup…


Screw Flux. Punishing existing users.

This reminds me when starling did the cash back offer over black friday(i think) but it was only available to customers who had recommended 5 friends and had filled the “hearts”

I’m one of the lucky ones! 50% discount on tonight’s takeaway.



Got cash back in few seconds! Nice.
They made payment from sort code 040059… they use Starling?

it would seem that the account that pays back credit is indeed a Startling Bank account.

I’ve just received an email from Flux inviting me to link my KFC Colonel’s Club card to my Starling account. Couldn’t have been easier - my number appeared in the email along with a button. Click the button and that’s it - card linked! Now whenever I spend at KFC I’ll automatically earn loyalty rewards :+1:t2:


That’s been in beta for ages now - you should be watching the 11FS podcast :cold_sweat: could have literally DMed them on Twitter and they’d have given you access

It’s a really good integration and even when it broke a few times - they backdated it for me :slight_smile:

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I’m not too bothered about getting early access to these features, happy to wait for the public release. Nice to see them expanding on the benefits that Flux brings.

Flux engineer guy actually mentioned that they would be going really heavily on integrating not just receipts but planned their revenue stream around offers with merchants

E.g. you could link all your individual rewards schemes to your flux account and then you’d get all of your reward schemes from tapping your card

It’d be nice if they could plan tighter integration so I can see what I have rewards wise from my bank app though tbf

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This would be cool.

That’s what they’re doing with KFC

I’m going to see if I can suggest being able to see discounts and free items in your bank app next though, sounds like a good idea

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