Fraudulent transactions, after account suspension

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So I just managed to get a copy of my data for my old Revolut account, I spotted multiple attempts to withdraw cash after my account had been suspended. I definitely wasn’t myself as I cut and disposed of my D/C on the day I was suspended. Having reported this to Revolut, I received the following reply…

“I would be happy to help, however, it’s not possible as your account is suspended”

and another something along the lines of…

“the attempts were declined, so it doesn’t matter”

Any advice please folks…

(What the Fork Dude?) #2

I’m beginning to detect a theme with your banking issues :slight_smile:

On a more serious note if they are only attempts, they didn’t get your money, and the account is now suspended why are you concerned by this?


If you are being serious…

If your account was suspended, it would actually depend on why it was suspended. If it was suspended for suspect fraud, then the fraud attempts are nothing to worry about as they are already aware of suspected fraud so suspended the account.

If your account is still suspended, then nothing they will tell you, banks don’t work like that.

(Omar Rana) #4

The issue at hand is that I don’t hold back, when expressing my true thoughts, should there be a situation with my bank. Never really works in my favour.

I just wanna know who did it, how they did it and what method was used, debit card, apple pay etc.

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The suspension was either due to transferring funds from bitcoin wallet or swearing at them when they asked why.


@OmarR why are your accounts being suspended? It seems this has happened more than once?

You’re not doing anything… untowards, are you?


You will never ever find that out, its illegal to tell you.

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Well what about how they attempted to carry this out?

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That’s irrelevant to the original question asked, however if you must know, Revolut suspended me, I personally closed Monzo.


If you report it to the police, the police have some requirements to tell you certain things. But fraud cases in the UK have specific requirements, that generally mean no details are ever given out apart from very simple answers to questions. Even a case that goes to court, lots of information is not made public, and many fraud cases don’t have the press present.

Whether that is right or wrong is another discussion, but its how it works, you won’t ever find out anything more than maybe a basic bit of information.


Barclays told my uncle, although his account wasn’t suspended at the time, it was just fraud.

Somehow someone got his card onto Apple Pay (maybe he left his wallet somewhere public and came back a few minutes later to get it or something)


There’d be little point in reporting it to the police anyway, they most likely just wouldn’t be interested because you’ve not lost anything.

If you’re that concerned, report the matter to Action Fraud and get a crime/case number, but it’s unlikely you’ll actually resolve anything:


Two different things. If you notice your card has been used or they do, they have to ask you questions, for example did you use Apple pay. You say no, they then block it and do the background stuff, they haven’t given you information, they have either asked you a question about did you use your card somewhere, or you have told them.

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What makes you say, even if that were true, wouldn’t they need to somehow authorise the new entry to apple pay with the Bank?

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It looks to me like you tried opening a second account with the same email address. If I read you original post correctly then your account is suspended as opposed to closed, so as a customer you’re still active and thus your email (and possibly phone number) are tied to the details you used to sign up.

If not and someone genuinely is trying to use your identity then I guess you’re just very unlucky and should be thankful that Revolut’s system caught this

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But look at what’s written in the email, then look at what they wrote to me back in Dec.

Can you spot my concerns?

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N[quote=“OmarR, post:17, topic:1321”]
Can you spot my concerns?

Nope… You will need to clarify

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One main point revolut used to close my account, it’s forbidden for a customer to have two accounts. That caused them to block both accounts and do away with almost 6k. They reference that clearly in the second pic, different story in the other pic.

(What the Fork Dude?) #20

Your screenshot shows that you tried to open a business account, a business account and personal account can use the same email address at Revolut (I know this from my own experience).

My advice to you would be to open an account with a high street bank that you can walk into to resolve whatever issues are being created by the source of your funding.

As has been pointed out before if you are genuinely out of pocket because your funds have been suspended then you should contact the police as this isn’t the place to be discussing it.

My final $0.02 on this matter is that to the casual observer this looks like manufacturered drama, and I’m not saying it is but perception is everything.

(Omar Rana) #21

I want to thank you for your replies and advice, it means a lot to me. I would also like to clear up a few of your points, this is a public forum, a forum to get help and advice with the banking sector, that is exactly what I’m trying to do, some of you made fun of me, labelling my posts as nothing but BS, I then posted relevant screenshots to show that I’m not talking BS.

My issues are not manufactured stories, nobody is forcing you to reply, but yourself, if you can’t help me, then I suggest you refrain from replying, but please do not insult me.

You did the same on the monzo protest thread, with your post about muting the thread.

If you must know what my point being was, revolut clearly advised me that I am no longer welcome there, they continue to send me personalised messages and emails.