Free Crypto (EOS) Giveaway

Coinbase are running another giveaway, this time offering users the chance to win $50 EOS!

Sign up, or log in with your Coinbase account, using my referral links below and I’ll earn a few extra EOS for the hassle.

ADVICE: You only need to watch like 10 seconds of each video before you can take the quiz + you get unlimited attempts at each quiz.


The beginning of a chain!

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Yes! Hopefully 10 dollars’ worth is coming your way…

Here’s another

The answers are pretty obvious too, so I wouldn’t bother watching much :slight_smile:

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Are there any you haven’t done yet?

I’ll start on those!


Instant deposits too


On the way to cold storage…


Huh, I wouldn’t actually mind using DAI as a day-to-day currency if it truly holds similar value to the US dollar

So I did the new DAI one yesterday. I can see why blockchain could have more uses (I think Lumens is the most realistic) but each DAI/BTC transaction takes so long I’m not sure how that’s practical for day-to-day use.

Thanks to whoever used my eos link :+1:

Here’s another free crypto link: to sign up for and we both get $50 USD :slight_smile:

*marketing shill is copied from inside the app Idk the t&c

I’ve only got a few sign-up spots left before each opportunity expires.

Thanks to everyone who has used the referral links! :+1:t2:

I’ve had a quick look at this.

So, you have to buy at least 50 MCO and hold it for six months to get e.g. the Ruby Platinum card with benefits.
That’s about £150 at the moment.

You can do 500 MCO and get a card with more benefits, but it seems crazy to tie up that much for six months.

Then you get USD 50 (about £40 at the moment) to spend immediately.

Not 100% convinced!

50MCO is like nothing and the card has pretty decent cashback idk

Not that they’ve released it here yet though

All XLM slots taken :clap:t2:

3 EOS slots available:

I have a couple of both

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  • I have a Coinbase account
  • I don’t have a Coinbase account

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I used someone’s invite from above. Thank you.

I have four invites here:

If you’re not yet with Coinbase, join with this link to both earn bitcoin:

(Coinbase blurb: I got us £8.28 each of free Bitcoin when you sign up with my invite link and buy or sell at least £82.83 of digital currency):

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@Johnny I’ve just used your referral link, thanks.

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I think that was mine - thanks!

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Quick question for those with greater knowledge on this topic than I. I’ve read online about banks blocking Coinbase transactions and freezing accounts. What’s Starling’s standpoint on using Coinbase or buying crypto in general?

If you’re asking about Coinbase specifically, they’ve suspended GBP bank transfers altogether, so you can only top up cheaply in EUR anyway. I’ve had no problems using Revolut with Coinbase and Bitstamp, for example.

Even if Starling does allow it, I’d use a secondary/semi-dormant account, as crypto probably just increases the general risk your account gets locked.

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