Free Crypto (XLM + EOS) Giveaway

Coinbase are running another giveaway, this time offering users the chance to win $50 XLM and EOS!

Sign up, or log in with your Coinbase account, using my referral code below and I’ll earn a few extra XLM/EOS for the hassle.

ADVICE: You only need to watch like 10 seconds of each video before you can take the quiz + you get unlimited attempts at each quiz.



The beginning of a chain!

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Yes! Hopefully 10 dollars’ worth is coming your way…

Here’s another

The answers are pretty obvious too, so I wouldn’t bother watching much :slight_smile:

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Are there any you haven’t done yet?

I’ll start on those!


Instant deposits too


On the way to cold storage…


Huh, I wouldn’t actually mind using DAI as a day-to-day currency if it truly holds similar value to the US dollar

So I did the new DAI one yesterday. I can see why blockchain could have more uses (I think Lumens is the most realistic) but each DAI/BTC transaction takes so long I’m not sure how that’s practical for day-to-day use.

Thanks to whoever used my eos link :+1:

Here’s another free crypto link: to sign up for and we both get $50 USD :slight_smile:

*marketing shill is copied from inside the app Idk the t&c

I’ve only got a few sign-up spots left before each opportunity expires.

Thanks to everyone who has used the referral links! :+1:t2:

I’ve had a quick look at this.

So, you have to buy at least 50 MCO and hold it for six months to get e.g. the Ruby Platinum card with benefits.
That’s about £150 at the moment.

You can do 500 MCO and get a card with more benefits, but it seems crazy to tie up that much for six months.

Then you get USD 50 (about £40 at the moment) to spend immediately.

Not 100% convinced!

50MCO is like nothing and the card has pretty decent cashback idk

Not that they’ve released it here yet though