Freetrade adds 250 new stocks

Freetrade has made more US stocks available for its users to buy.

Wonder if they’ve lost interest in adding new stocks from this side of the Atlantic?

From the calls they’ve been having it sounds like it’s easier for the US stocks as they’re already there ready to go from their partner they just need to hook them in. So I expect mainly US stocks this year.

Freetrade is getting a bit tiring to me - going to move over to T212 after I feel comfortable enough to sell down all my positions and transfer my ISA over. Problem is I don’t want ITM to make any more gains while I’m mid ISA transition… They’ve went from me buying them at £1 to roughly £3 now, so I’m up ~2k on them…


I don’t think you’ll regret that decision. The more I look at Freetrade, the more the hype around it baffles me. Trading 212 is light years ahead and is truly free. My guess would be that Freetrade is in the same boat as Monzo - lots of (blindly) passionate crowdfunding investors who rave about it all day on the Freetrade forum to justify their investment. Interestingly, T212 also has a Discourse forum, but it’s more about new features and investing discussion rather than patting itself on the back.


If it helps I can buy some ITM. Then it will be bound to drop :laughing:.

Actually, while FreeTrade is down for me I luckily switched at a good time so my T212 account is up.

FreeTrade does seem very Monzo like to me. Both are good products but hyped up… except I’m pretty sure T212 is growing faster than FreeTrade.


Please don’t, it’s most of my portfolio :frowning:

I wish T212 and Freetrade supported actual asset transfers rather than just cash, tbh

ITM and Ceres have been doing very well for me! One has doubled, and the other tripled in value since I bought them. I really like Freetrade so I have no reason to move yet, and I doubt it’s something I’ll explore until I’m able to transfer my assets out or transfer in. I have my traditional stock trading account, and I’ve been buying small amounts of Apple and Cloudflare on Revolut to test their platform, and I’d like to be able to converge all my holdings into a single platform. If/when Revolut offer U.K. stocks, etfs and funds, their offering will become really tempting for me.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what Robinhood’s U.K. offering will be like. I also hope Cash App brings theirs to the U.K. too, I love their suite of products available in the US, and it would be nice for us to get more of them beyond p2p transfers.

Crucial point for Revolut (in the UK market) would be when they introduce Stocks & Shares ISA.


Agreed. If they bundle that into their premium offerings at no extra cost, that sells it for me. Still gonna need that banking license though.