Freetrade community woes

This is a textbook example of how not to treat a customer. You could have broken every forum rule in the book and this would still have been an inappropriate response from him.

If you really do get nowhere with a complaint, I would be very worried about the internal culture…

Looks like somebody was having a bad day and wanted somebody to lash out at.

If the conversation genuinely went as per what you’ve posted then I would suggest he aught to get in touch with you as an apology is owed.

At best it’s an gross over-reaction, at worse there’s a whiff of power-intoxification.

I actually go out of my way here to be even handed and let a lot slide that personally irritates me, purely to promote a broader discussion. Shame that others have different instincts.

I still [removed unnecessary personal attack] at his job :wink: banning someone who hasn’t even posted a comment yet.

He’s from the Monzo forum and as such has an issue [unnecessary - you made it personal] :slight_smile:

Do you think this would actually work with Freetrade? If we all complain about [don’t name people who are] stifling criticism on the forum I wouldn’t complain if they sacked him for it.

If you want to keep your job do it well instead of acting like Hitler’s reincarnation. [Good to see you’re keeping things in perspective, Reccah - ed]

[He] didn’t even apologize for banning me on sight for no reason, so I doubt he’s going to apologize to anyone else

“At worst” someone take the power away from this man, he’s had the power equivalent to 3 bottles of vodka already and he isn’t stopping.

Yes :slight_smile:

Well, I hadn’t posted anything about Freetrade on their forum (just 1 post about investing) since the warning, and since posting here my account was suspended. Either he reads this forum and got pissed off, or he read my email sent to their complaints email account and got pissed off.

A pretty sad state of affairs.

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Well, it’s probably no consolation, but you’re not alone. Plenty of people with similar experiences

They all lurk around here. No one ever actually comments until they get all riled up and then post some long huffy rant then disappear again, not responding to any of the replies to their rant or try to engage, but if lurking counted as membership we may have more members than the Tesco clubcard…:see_no_evil::joy:


Every little helps.


You’ve seriously been suspended?

And here was me considering investing with them. I might just remove my money if that’s really how they’re treating customers.

Yes. But the suspension only lasts 100 years, so…

Feel free to browse my post history. I’m just the worst sort of person that no community manager would want on their forum, right? :thinking:

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I’d never really looked at my own user page. There’s a section that tells you who has liked you the most. Guess who my number one fan was? :rofl:

Even the reason is .. I’m not sure id get away with that if i put no reason for a permanent suspension.

At least they didn’t suspend your freetrade account…

I think i might stop funding my account there to be honest if this is their reaction. At least until they sort themselves out. Even Monzo puts up with my heavy criticism of them.

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No rules?

Hi Alex :wave:

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I am overwhelmed with sadness

Aka, because the moderation is terrible. You’d hardly complain of praise :joy:

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We’ll, I guess at least we have our answer.

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This is quite honestly an absolutely ridiculous response from a company. WTF is going on over there that they’re letting rouge moderators make up their own rules.

I guess well wait for alex to edit the freetrade forum rules to add in ‘not allowed to share posts’. Fact is that particular post from the moderator there was posted under the Creative Commons license, so actually you were well within your rights to post it basically anywhere.

I wonder what Adams twitter is.


Blocked my IP as well!

Beyond ridiculous

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I didn’t even get to see an explanation. I saw I had a new private message, but couldn’t read it because my account was suspended.

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Yeah, once your suspended your done. and as its permanent, you’ll have trouble signing up again as i’m sure hell be looking for accounts on the same addresses with the crusade that’s going on there :smile: (discourse will highlight duplicate accounts)

Basically, you’re no longer welcome.

Maybe voice you’re disappointment of being turned away to the big boss

Oh I did wonder what his email address was, I couldn’t find it.

I get it, but the address is a corporate address not personal, maybe its allowed? Its also public information; twitter is also… public :smile: