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I’m interested in why people want to sign up for this? Personally, I know logically that I’m almost certain to do worse than in index fund, and that doing any active trading myself makes no sense, but part of me still wants to try…

So do those of you signing up think you’re going to beat the market? Or do you want more diversity than an index fund can provide? Or do you just want to experiment for a but of fun?


Sometimes buy and hold is a good strategy with quality companies. This gives less churn than an index tracker.


Great question.

I’ve always wanted to get involved in trading, but have been put off by the relatively high entry point, and the large fees.

There is definitely a part of me doing it for fun. Even to say, I have a part of “X” company.

I’m no where near knowledgable enough to think I’ll beat anyone (or anything) - But I think I’ll learn a lot more by doing it, and then learning/reading and gaining more knowledge.

There’s also an element of “control” - I have a Wealthify account which is down.

I have zero control over it, and I feel that if I took the time to learn the ropes, I could pretty much do the same thing (but be in total control myself).

I’d never put money in there that I could afford to lose - Not whilst there are gaping holes in my knowledge anyway.

Perhaps by the end of it, I’ll have a huge chunk of savings in there, but diversified across many companies/funds to limit the risks.

(Liam) #24

I think it’s appealing to have the ability to be selective over which companies you choose to invest in.

Whether it’s a company that has impressed and you feel there is potential, feeling you are getting back from a company you use or just the ability to invest in the market and know that your money will definitely not be used to own parts of companies you actively do not want to invest in.

Control is a valid argument, if I am down on investments that I have chosen to make, then I can hold my hands up and say I made a bad choice.

(Dan Mullen) #25

I like researching and picking out companies that I think are on the up. I invested a pot of cash a couple of years back and picked 5 or 6 companies. I lost a small amount on one of them, broke even on another and made a sizable profit on the others. For example, I bought into Glencore (the mining company) at around 79p and sold at over £3.

(Ashley Quint) #26

My colleague bought loads of Thomas Cook shares when there were rumours of them going bust - made over £6k on it.

(Liam) #27

Wow. That was quite a risk though.
Imagine being the poor sod who bought a tonne of Woolworths in the same state.

(Liam) #28

Number 308 as of today. Those 58,000-odd places places went much quicker than I was expecting. Maybe I’ll be in next week?

(Dotun) #29

I’m 310. :open_mouth:


I’m 59,120 :confounded:


I’m in! Woo.

(Ashley Quint) #32

Oh great - I think its really good.


How did you guys get in so quick?! Give me some tips :hugs:

(Liam) #34

My method:
Step 1) Set up a forum for fintech fans;
Step 2) leave your referral link lying around in the hope that one or two nice people might help you out by joining the list :grinning:


Speaking of which…

Zero commission investing Freetrade has arrived. Get early access with my link:

Pretty please :pray:

(Liam) #36

Nicely done, sir.

(Liam) #37

Well I got an email last night telling me that sometime today I would make it from the list to the actual app.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the top of the waiting list! :tada:
As long as you’re a UK resident for tax purposes, have a UK bank account & an iOS device, you’ll be able to open your Freetrade account tomorrow.
So that we can give you access, please download the app from the App Store & enter your email address in it now.

So, assuming everything goes smoothly I will try to give a bit of a review of the onboarding (I really dislike that term) process.

(Liam) #38

And pretty much as I clicked the post button I got the notification.

I am in, number #694.


I also got access to Freetade today. Looking forward to start investing little bit as soon as first topup is in app.

Let us know your review @Liam of the whole process :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Dotun) #40

I’m also in today. Nice, looking forward to explore it proper later on.