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(Dan Mullen) #41

When I signed up I didn’t realise it was iOS only. I’m near the top of the list but not interested any more!


Just buy an iPhone and be done with it @danmullen. You’re only kidding yourself! We won’t judge you.

(Ashley Quint) #43

That’s what I have ended up doing - going to preorder the XR on Friday!

(Dan Mullen) #44

Haha, never! :smiley::robot:

(Dan Mullen) #45

Had an email from Freetrade yesterday with good news and bad news (for me anyway…)

Good news - I’ll be given access today! Bad news - as an Android user, I’ll have to wait until APRIL NEXT YEAR!

That is a ridiculous length of time to wait for Android support. In the words of Duncan Bannatyne, “I’m out”.

( #46

(Dan Mullen) #47

Quad GIF overload!!! :open_mouth:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #48

I’ve barely moved 100 places down the queue since this thread began. I know I’m being impatient but I’ve given up and removed the app.


I was a bit cheeky and used the ‘+’ feature with my gmail address.

I signed up 13 days ago and placed at 59,120

Today, just had a notification that my account is ready! :money_with_wings:

(Liam) #50

I can neither confirm, nor deny, allegations that I may have inadvertently recommended my work email.

I did however recommend my girlfriend - she has no interest in the app.

I wonder how many of the waiting list are either Android-only users or essentially fictitious email/fluff email addresses to bump people up the list.

Suspect the queue will move quickly as some of these fail to take freetrade up on their onboarding offer.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #51

i just “referred” 4 friends and got bumped up 59000 places in the queue to 994. make that 6 so that works :smiley:


All of you are terrible humans - Especially you @Ardvarky

Who would think of such a thing!?

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #53

I guess between that and using debit card topups on Starling and Monzo you must really think I’m the worst :joy:



I may know someone who perhaps suggested to @Ardvarky that he try some other email addresses…

Maybe… Who knows! :grimacing:


By April there will be other companies try, so I’m not sure you should be too worried.

(Dan Mullen) #56

It’s just annoying that they’ve prioritised iOS to the point where Android users have to wait six months to access the service. I would understand if there were a few weeks between platforms.


I use that as a Positive, if they are like that are the start, they obviously don’t think I’m important, so I look elsewhere. Like you say a brief gap, but when you are talking about months and months, which is often further away than they say, they really are not worth my time.

I’ve never found looking elsewhere is a bad thing, often another companies sees a gap and fills it, so if this kicks off, other companies will offer similar.


Same here. I was sitting around 40000 the other day. Added a few emails and got access today too

(Liam) #59

Freetrade have published their list of items they are working on in the run up to the end of the year…

  • ISAs :moneybag:
  • US stocks :us:
  • Android waitlist app :robot:
  • Improved portfolio graph :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Better withdrawals :money_with_wings:


I really dislike this whole “refer a person to get through the queue faster” bullshit. The thing is like, my friends and family aren’t interested in stocks because they see them as a sure way to use money. So I was 67000 on the list when I started and now I’m even further back :roll_eyes: certainly not winning me over here Freetrade, I’ll only wait so long as I imagine the other 60000k+ people agree