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They definitely launched at a bad time :joy: but don’t think they could hold off the launch until volatility dies down. You could invest in gold or bond ETF’s without experiencing wild swings.

Investing is a really interesting subject, IMO Freetrade has one of the most useful forums…

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It was a good forum but I think it’s starting to deteriorate a bit. There’s a few aggressively rude responses starting to creep in now.

(Liam) #83

That would be a shame if that was allowed to happen.
I’m not over there all that much, but I’ve found it useful.

(Liam) #84

Not impressed with them so far. Signed up for their community forum and they’ve permanently “banned” (kept but silenced my account) already.

Literally done nothing on Freetrade’s forum of note.


Your reputation precedes you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apparently it does :thinking: there’s also apparently no appeals process so I’m sat in staff DM telling them that Dozens didn’t do this to me and since leaving Monzo I haven’t done anything but be constructive


The Freetrade forum is virtually a spin off from the Monzo forum.

If you upset one, you upset the other… It shouldn’t be like that, but it is.

I’m sure you can find a way to make a new account if you want :wink:



It definitely shouldn’t be like that, does Tom own Freetrade too?! :joy:

I explained that to the staff member as well… waiting a reply

To be honest I’m not sure how they even base their bans. What if that was someone else using my handle, not me?


Which staff member?


Alex something


Ah, I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.

@alexs, could you help @Recchan out?

Good luck :+1:


Would be nice if he could.

I very much dislike being treated this way considering my tenancy to be extremely polite to people until they aren’t polite to me.


@alexs is the Community manager at Freetrade.

Previously ex Coral Crew, and in-frequent poster on the Monzo forum.

So if you have ruffled the feathers there, perhaps he just assumed you’d be ruffling them everywhere.

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Definitely not the case. I’m one of the most active Revolut forum posters (along with the other 2 people that use it!), I post on Dozens and of course here :joy:

I won’t say everyone loves me but I have an alright track record.

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I don’t think Byron Vanstein has an account there… :joy:


Definitely not because Vanstein doesn’t exist :thinking:

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My bad… Vanstien :pray:t2:

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They blocked my email and deleted the new account :thinking:

Two can play this game, [stop making things personal]

Edit: are they even allowed to continue to store my information now, as they’re not providing me any service that requires storing said information?

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(Dan Mullen) #100

Under GDPR, companies are only allowed to store your personal information for as long as necessary. As they aren’t providing a service to you and I doubt there are any legal or regulatory reasons to keep your data, they should remove your records. Just exercise your right to be forgotten. And stick a DSAR in for good measure :wink:

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