Freetrade terms

Freetrade going big on flagging the changes to their T&Cs and requiring you submit to them before you can continue to use the platform…

Im wondering when I’ll receive the new terms notification. Support said it should come through, worried I may not be able to use the app until I accept the terms.

What’s the problem with the new terms?

No problem, but I received a message from support stating that if you don’t accept the terms you cannot anymore stock. That’s fine, but I haven’t received the notification to accept the terms yet.

Wouldn’t this be stating the obvious?

If you are not able to subscribe to the latest version of the T&C, then this would result in a (voluntary) account closure.

Which is my concern, I haven’t seen the terms and conditions notification to accept. Going to contact support again.

Since seeing Trading212 I feel that Freetrade are honestly quite back in the pack. Revolut has a better product if you touch US securities (and already have a Metal subscription). Trading212 has a better cost ISA (funded by CFD’s, but im not particularly turned off by the ethics of them

I don’t get all the investment hype for Freetrade, all it takes it Hargreaves and others to drop fees entirely and they’re just one of many choices

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To be fair to them, they are linked to in the app.

Yeah, Freetrade is at risk here of becoming a bit player.

The unique selling point at the start was the fact you could buy shares with a very low barrier to entry and with potentially no fees… Now there are others that do this.

They still have the fact that it’s about the easiest to use platform… For a beginner - but beyond that.

I switched to them from IG as the fees were high and I didn’t invest enough to make it worthwhile.

I’m now eyeing up Trading212 to regain some of the features I lost when I switched.

Wonder if Robin Hood will ever come to anything here?

Yep they’re linked butits not interactive, doesn’t allow you to accepted them. Support is looking into it.

Odd. It’s let me do it.

A) read the docs b) check the boxes

Then the confirm button becomes active.

Unsure what’s gone on here. Spoke to support and they state that I’ve already accepted them, I’ve only just got the app around a week ago so I would have remembered accepting them.

The terms within my instance of the app just open in a browser as a static page.

I’m looking to swap to Trading212 but I don’t know how I’d go about switching my ISA. It’s value is roughly 3k rn due to one of my stocks doing particularly well - but that’s my problem. The stock keeps rising. I don’t have a moment in which I can sell and be confident it’s not going to potentially lose me significant money (a £1 rise would gain me £1k, for some context)

Well done. You obviously picked your stocks a lot better than me, lol!

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