Freetrade's goalpost shift means I'm stuck with a share I cant get rid of

OK, OK, I know buying odd-shares in companies on the basis that you have a couple of quid left in your account isn’t much of an investment strategy…

But let’s say, purely hypothetically, that I bought a share in, because it was cheap and I wanted to put the dregs of my account to work. Now let’s say that I want rid of this share because it’s hopeless and is only just about wiping its feet.

Recent rule changes, imposed at Freetrade, mean if that share (or the total sum of any particular holding) is worth less than £2, you’re stuck with it… Unless you buy another couple of quids worth first.

I understand why the rule was changed, and why they might not want you to buy less than a certain amount - but surely you’d think they’d let you offload what you have?


It’s a poor implementation to fix an issue with another possibly poor implementation :confused:

I wonder if you can have them manually sell it for you, I can’t see how they would be able to force you to keep it if it’s yours to sell.

Yeah that stumped me, I will often buy a share if there is only a pound of so on in my account so have a fair few I can’t actually sell. Yes I can buy new ones, but I’m losing out by doing that, as the price has increased on most, which is what I want when selling, but not when buying more.


Value-based orders the biggest nonsense in the brokerage industry.


To be fair, it’s not always plain sailing to shift stock where you can meet the minimum order limit…


You could buy £2 worth of shares then immediately sell your full holding. Possibly make or lose a few pence if the share price moves but that would seem the best solution given the £2 minimum.