Frequent flyer tax

The government being encouraged to introduce a tax on flying a lot. What’s your thoughts on this? Good idea, or bad?
I’m leaning towards good

Great idea. There is no doubt that air travel is bad for the environment. However they have to be careful, We already pay Air Passenger Duty whenever we buy a ticket, so another tax or duty is going to be a bit hard to swallow.

We already pay the highest passenger tax levied anywhere in the world, and we’re an island.

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Agreed - a much higher tax on petrol/diesel would be much preferable. The more you use the more you pay, less linked to emissions as per the current vehicle emissions duty which I don’t think goes far enough in deterring use of vehicles for short journeys and in most cases is increasing emissions overall by encouraging the continual upgrade and purchase of new vehicles.

Maybe be good idea with car fuel if they can sort out public transport before hand.


In theory it’s an OK idea but it would very much depend on implementation.

For example, a lot of people who frequently fly do so because they are required to by their work.

If those people go on holiday late in the year will they be penalised with a higher tax because they flew for work?

They shouldn’t but I feel like this would end up doing just that.

Government should laugh at the idea of a tax for frequent flyers, for a start what is even a frequent flyer? 2x a year? 10x a year?

We live on a continent where we need to be reducing barriers to trading and to travel to integrate properly - how do you do this when you start making flying expensive?

We’re already at a disadvantage due to not using the same currency already adding a barrier of fees - now we add a barrier to actually get here :thinking:

As for the environment - just add a pollution tax to the airlines that aren’t hitting green targets and watch them all race to the green life to undercut their competition