Has anyone ever used fuelpecker?



This is probably a slightly more useful link… sorry!
Thanks @whereswally


They rejected Revolut and Amex cards, so presumably only full Visa/Mastercard debit cards. aqua rewards card was added just fine, so a little bit extra on top!

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I’ve signed up just waiting for card to arrive

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What is it?

It doesn’t seem to have a website… at least not one that isn’t hidden behind a login prompt


Yes, and there was me trying to find something about it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t quite understand what they’ve done with the website…

Edit: I think you can’t see much on mobile…

The motorway discounts would be meaningless for me, but the Shell stuff would be good

Desktop, mobile… it’s just a login form - maybe they’re having difficulties?

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You don’t get this?

Nope, when click your link I am redirected to /user

All I’m able to see is:


Yeah, it’s directing me to that now too…
Something definitely wrong!

Maybe one of the affiliate links is still working, like this


Edit: this shows me this

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Keep us posted? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm - so what’s the CAMC membership number (required at sign-up)?

That’s the specific site for CAMC members. It’s the main site for everyone else, if you can get through to it :man_shrugging:

Ok. So it seems we still don’t have access to the correct site.

I got my card through CAMC. Great service, great savings and super easy to use. Only catch is you have to be a member of a club to get a reference code or click through url. Here is the url I used :slight_smile:


My friend in Germany just signed up also as they launched there too. Seems like they are scaling and fast from what I heard. I worked in the oil business for many years and never have I seen a Co. offer guaranteed set discounts without some rubbish about spending money in store etc

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I emailed in about Revolut as they would not take mine either but they accepted my monzo card. They said that Revolut charge merchants(fuelpecker) so much to process the payment that they would not be able to offer such great discounts which is fare enough.

I would rather save more money on my fuel than use my Revolut card :joy:

Filled up at the Esso in North Shields the other day and 1 min away was a Morrisons, using my Fuelpecker card meant it was 2p cheaper than Morrison :slight_smile:

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Does it really cost them more for revolut than a credit card?
The world is changing!

Looking near me, the nearest ESSO still wouldn’t be cheaper than my nearest two big supermarket petrol stations, so probably only useful on the road.

I can imagine not bothering to use it for small amounts, as pay at pump is just a bit easier!

I just put 12345678

I’m all signed-up :+1:t3:

I’ve been using this for a number of months through NHS discount site.
It takes time to get your head around - don’t pay at pump!
It attached to my curve card ok.
The money comes out generally 2 days after your fill up. One time it was 5 days but no idea why. Mine no matter what time I fill up leave / debit my card around 8am.
I have filled up without giving mileage as well.
It’s always worked never an issue.


I find a lot of Esso stations after discount are more expensive so I don’t use it then. I have found a garage that saves 1p on ASDA after the discount and for our 200 litres a month it adds up - it’s also easier to get to.

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