Full Starling

Hi everyone, just curious to know if anyone has went full starling with using as there only account for everyday spending and direct debits for monthly bills? Was thinking of going all in with Starling, any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated

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The best advice I can give you is, never, ever, keep all your eggs in one basket! Always have a back up account because you never know if there’s going to be an issue using just one bank.

I’m a Starling customer and I’m very happy. I have direct debits leaving my account and I have my pension paid into it, but I would never go full on with Starling because if something does go wrong, e.g. card gets blocked etc, then I’ve at least got back ups with both Nationwide and RBS.

Nationwide are pretty good to be honest, crap mobile App, but it is what it is. Me and the Wife use if for all of our joint household stuff. My RBS account (and the App isn’t too shabby at all), I use for work purposes only and my Starling account for all of my own personal spending.

Starling are in my own opinion, very good, but then I’ve never had to have much interaction with Customer Service :rofl:


Didn’t they leave you without access to your own money for six days in December 2019?

I’ve been using Starling as my only bank account since May 2018. I do still have a Nationwide FlexPlus, but only for the insurance benefits. I don’t use any of the banking features. All Direct Debits, day-to-day spending, etc. is from my Starling account. (I do use a credit card for some spending but pay it off in full… from Starling :smile:)


I’m also full Starling, but I do have a back up HSBC account (which I’ve had since I was 12).

Never really had any problems with Starling, with the exception of missing logos. But nothing that’s prevented me from using it as my main bank account.

Also use it for 3 businesses, and never had any problems there either.


I use Starling for everything outside of my Bills which are separated in a Nationwide account. If Starling did DD’s from spaces I would move those across.

Been very impressed with Starling, I know others have had issues but for me I have not looked back since 2018.


They did, I left them. In the last 6mths I have been hearing how good they are now and a lot of people I know have joined starling (not full starling) I then reopened around 3mths ago, used them for my day to day (transferred a daily amount), just to see and I must admit I’ve not had one problem with them but I am scared to go full Starling, just in case. I do have other accounts with Halifax W/ credit card, bank of Scotland, Lloyds and nationwide (not flex plus)…just trying to organise my money in to - Account for monthly bills, Day to day and emergency/sinking funds

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I don’t think I would trust them again soon, as they closed my account back in 2019 without any explanation :man_shrugging:

I do have a new account with them since then, but it’s dormant, I might use it for cash withdrawals while I’m abroad though, but not as the main account :smiley:

Question, I see a lot of people use debit cards, either Starling or other banks, for everyday spending, I’m curios on why not a rewards credit card? :smiley:


This could be a very interesting topic on it’s own. If you post it as a new topic I’ll happily reply with my changing views on credit v debit card (for what they are worth) rather than take this top off topic :slight_smile:


Then don’t. Take the advice of @Topsy2 and don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. I regularly use two accounts. One for income and direct debit, and one for spending. In the event of some catastrophe I can always use CASS to move one to the other.


I use a credit card for the section 75 and consumer rights legal protections that don’t come with a debit card.

It’s a rewards card too but the rewards are fairly derisory.


And just to clarify for those that aren’t aware, the cost of the goods or services bought, must have cost over £100 to qualify for s.75 protection. If I’m wrong, happy to be corrected.

But likewise, major purchases, always, always paid for or at least the first £100 paid using a credit card, holidays especially.

And yes, some of the ‘rewards’ are pretty derisory these days, so I no longer deliberately chase the pennies here and there that some seem to crave.


I’ve been full Starling for the past 3 years, both business and personal. No major complaints so far - their CS isn’t ideal but the overall experience still wins compared to a legacy bank.


I’m not full Starling. I have 2 jobs - one pays in Starling and the other pays into Monzo.

I don’t have all my baskets in fintech as I keep a bank account open with Nationwide.

2 things keep me from using my starling more - payments from spaces - need to manually do it. The second is a little harder - my wife seems to love Monzo and has very little motivation to move everything to Starling.

I’m probably 40% Starling & 60% Monzo at the moment.


@danmullen @Rjevski - How do you separate your monthly bills and every day spending? Just curious about people’s finance setups, I’m trying to get mine organised and looking to get ideas. Do you use starlings “additional account”?

I get paid on the last working day of the month, so I have every Direct Debit and Standing Order go out on the 1st. That way, anything in my account on 2nd is available to do with as I please.

I use Goals/Spaces extensively to budget for things that I pay annually, e.g. Amazon Prime, Disney+, Nest Aware, ProtonMail, etc. I put 1/12 of the annual cost in a Goal each month then I have the money to pay the bill each year. The benefit is most services are discounted if you pay annually instead of monthly, e.g. Amazon Prime £79.99 vs £7.99/month.


@danmullen That’s a really good set up you have, I have bills coming out throughout the month which is a pain, have thought about using starlings additional account so I can have the main account for my bills and the additional account as my day to day spending?! I like the idea as annually for subscriptions, I never thought about doing that, might need too

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A little known annual discount is the 1 year Spotify Premium gift card via PayPal. I buy one for myself every year and it saves me two months’ worth of subscription fees each time! Especially handy since unlike Amazon Spotify don’t offer a 1 year up front subscription payment (and therefore no discount if you go direct to them).


I want to say that they do, I’m pretty sure (although I use YouTube Music now) you just go and change billing to annually