Funnelling pay through a legacy account

I use Starling as my main account - run everything through it and am happy with how it functions.

But I have kept a legacy account with RBS (useful when I recently needed to receive a transfer of Canadian dollars that neither Starling or Transferwise could handle).

So 99% of the time RBS account is at Zero - only one transaction has gone through it so far.

But it now occurs to me: should I pay my salary into it each month and the transfer that to Starling ? The reason I wonder this is, if I need to apply for a loan from RBS at some point in the future, or move my mortgage there etc, would I be in better standing if every month funds were flowing through there ??

Waste of time to switch it. May as well cancel the RBS account. Any mortgage you take out would want to see your main bank account comings and goings.

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It will have absolutely no affect, it is not showing RBS that you can manage an account, they will know what you earn by seeing bank statements and wage slips when you apply for a loan.

Banks work on a basis of how you use the account, getting wages, and paying them straight out shows the bank nothing.

Not sure why people think just putting money in and taking it out will show the bank anything more than they are putting money in to take it out. Banks base decisions on transactional use of an account, that is why most of the bonus accounts now say you have to have 2 active Direct Debits etc.


cool - thanks for the reply - one less thing for me to do !

Does RBS offer currency accounts? Looked into this but didn’t seem to locate info on this.

They might just accept transfers via SWIFT and convert them

Starling will only accept funds in GBP & Euros.

I had a transfer in Canadian dollars into my Starling account and it bounced back

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Fineco accept incoming Canadian dollars

Revolut will accept CAD payments through SWIFT.

TransferWise could take CAD, turn to GBP and then have that paid in

Funnily enough I called them earlier today with this exact question.

They used to but no longer.