Genuine Innovation from Starling: Connected Cards

Very impressive work from Starling - they’re launching Connected Cards today, an extra bank card you can give to someone else to buy groceries etc. during this crisis on your behalf - perfect for people who are self-isolating, and really don’t want to rely on the charity of others.

Card protections means they only can spend £200, and it only works in-store.


Thanks for your post!
Unfortunately, I can’t find option…
Android only?

People were over enthusiastic in reporting the new feature that it’s been reported before starling has even announced it. I imagine there will be an announcement today and an app update this week.


What a great idea. Not sure what this was conceived, but this is so useful at the minute. Super quick development and implementation. Great job Starling. These are the innovative things that we expect from a cutting edge bank!!!

Just had a thought. This card work through a ‘joint space’. This means that payments directly out of spaces are possible, which is confirmation of Starling stating they have something in the pipeline along these lines.

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Hm… add spending limit and I will be able to pass this card to my child for shopping :slight_smile:

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How dare you suggest I use a cheapo Android phone :slight_smile:

On my very fancy iPhone, I can find it by clicking Spaces, then ‘New Space’.

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On iOS


I’ve just noticed this as well (along with a layout change in goals)

There’s a max of £200 but a lower limit can be set by reducing the amount in the cards space


What happened to the grid layout on spaces. Can only see 3 goals now vs 6 on grid :disappointed:

Images now also look terrible in that view

Was that iOS? Android never had a grid view, as far as I know. The spaces/goals are just in a list and you scroll down to see the bottom ones.

Yeah this is iOS

The card only works for payments in shops, not online or to pay bills. When asked if Starling would be allowing bills to be paid from spaces (like you can with Monzo). Anne Boden said “probably not” but they were working on something better.

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Crikey - that’s really set the juices flowing amongst the Monzo fraternity. Not a bad word to be seen.


My app hadn’t updated but once it did the option was there.
The Apple update for mine was 2 days ago.

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(Posted on the Monzo community too)

Well done Starling for launching this linked card :+1: :+1: :+1:
Whilst at the moment, it is aimed at helping people affected by the current situation
(and I commend them for that) this really does have loads of potential.

I will be keeping a close eye on development of this product, but as others have said, will also hold back on ordering one so they can get them to people who need them more than me can get theirs quicker.


You scamp, you :joy::+1:


Had to do it that way around, as last time I mentioned on the Monzo forum I’d posted on here, it got flagged

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This is showing for my personal account but not for the joint account. Anyone else see the same?

This is a great idea and it sounds perfect given the issues we currently face. Surely they must have been working on this for some time, so perhaps there’s more to come? As @RobD mentioned, maybe the payments from spaces alternative that Anne mentioned?