Genuine Innovation from Starling: Connected Cards

I’m not seeing it on any account, so you’re one step ahead of me :confused:

I’ve known people give over their card and PIN to people to go shopping for them. That’s obviously a terrible idea.

This is a great solution to that problem.


I like new layout on Spaces… much better for me…

I seem to remember from several posts I read on the Monzo Forum some time back that leaving ones debit card and pin number lying around or casually giving it to so call ‘friends’ was de rigueur for some who later complained they’d been subsequently ripped off by said ‘friends’ :rofl:


Confirmed on Twitter that it’s yet another personal account feature. Joint Account excluded yet again.

Do you mean the change from Square’s to rectangles?

I have this but for me my photos don’t fit properly. Was hoping it was a bug!

On iOS, it’s gone from a grid view to sort of stacked one on the other.

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It’d be a perfect way to give a card to kids and still have complete control. I wonder how many will use it in this way.

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The degree of control is impressive. With the child example, you could drip-feed as required.


I don’t see this as an issue?
All customers have a personal account?
Convenient yes but not essential.
It is an added bonus.
:clap: to Starling from me.

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It is an issue if you’ve closed your personal account leaving the joint one open. It is an issue if you don’t use the personal account at all. I’m not saying the feature isn’t a great one, but why oh why do they just neglect the joint account - overdraft, loan products, settle-up, and now this.

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I was always under the impression that a personal account was needed in order to have a joint account :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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I most definitely read a tweet for starling at some point stating that the personal account could be closed once the joint was open. I can’t find that tweet so have not direct reference, but it was definitely stated. I was surprised too.

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This is also a good idea for kids pocket money

What can they even spend it on? It’s physical purchases only

I’m not even going to reply to that comment in detail, it only excludes online purchases, so that means every high Street, every restaurant, every cinema and so on, so how is that not good for pocket money ?


My brother and sister only really use their pocket money for online purchases through their GoHenry cards

They’re a lot more common than physical transactions these days I think

Then there is a problem, they should be going out spending time at the cinema or mcdonalds with there mates, not ordering online :wink:

Most of my friends kids are always around town, going to cinema, they even go for meals together once a month.

Obviously though people bring up kids differently. But no, its not just normal for children to only order online and it shouldn’t be made normal either, they need to interact. This is a good idea for them, and for adults wanting someone to do shopping for the.


This has just appeared on my account today. It’s pretty neat.

I’m (pleasantly) surprised Starling hasn’t made a small charge for the card to cover costs or even make a modest profit. When you consider Revolut typically charge a fiver or so for a card it wouldn’t be unreasonable.

It’s a shame though that the connected goals can only have one of three hard-coded names. Pretty insignificant flaw though.

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How old are your friends children? My mother wouldn’t trust my 9/11 year old siblings (sister and brother) out in town - it’s at least a 15 minute drive and lots of creeps