Get Paid to See Ads (Pugs for now)

So there’s a new startup called “Gener8 Ads” and they’re doing what I thought would be coming in around now as privacy regulations get stronger and when wide-spread adoption of ad-blockers comes in

They’re paying you for ads - in crypto. The best bit though is you can redeem the crypto, for gift cards

As they’re trying to build a user base at the minute they’re not even showing ads, just pictures of pugs :slight_smile: and I don’t know the exchange rate but I got 10 of their crypto in a day and I don’t imagine it’s going to be a massively stupid exchange rate while the user count is small

So here’s an invite link, you’ll get a free token to start:

P.S. you can keep adblocker on, on select sites (but will have to turn it off to see any actual results otherwise the ads will be blocked)

So like brave browser then. I like brave and it’s ad settings, wonder if this works with that, double earnings

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