Going Full Monzo

Has anyone on here went “full Monzo”

A few brave souls like @anon87932641

What exactly does “full Monzo” mean?

I consider it my main current account (highest average balance, most day-to-day transactions, most standing orders, the one I use for sending and receiving ad-hoc transfers). But I don’t use it for receiving my salary and I don’t use it for some direct debits.

I understand it to mean having your primary source of income (salary, perhaps) paid into it and using it as your primary current account

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I use Monzo as my main account, everything is done from there.

I have a Metro account but that’s just to pay in cash and also as I have the little ones account there.

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I guess I am pretty close. Salary paid in. All but one DD paid out. All recurring card payments paid out. The one remaining DD is with my legacy account for the mortgage and I pay across a standing order each month

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@anon36870340 @anon86154328 I’m guessing you’s have had no issue with them?

Nothing of note personally. Most people’s issues with them seem to be more ideological or aesthetic than technical, but that is fine. Vive la différence!


My wage went into monzo and all my DD came out of it. But I ended up moving away from Monzo. Its fine, until you want to put cash or cheques in, want to login online, or need support. So i switched away. None of their spending features really worked well for me, and i basically had an account that was less functional than other accounts.

Monzo has its use cases, it just didn’t quite fit for me.

Not really, I mean a bank is a bank. Money comes in and then it goes out.

I use it the same way as I would Metro.

Only issues I have is I hate the Pulse Graph as it is shit and serves no purpose and I hate the new layout, it’s gross.


I never went full Monzo

I’ve not even gone full Starling yet

Yes and working pretty well.
I do have a backup Lloyds account for if cash or cheques need paying in.

Other half and I have a joint account with Monzo too. No complaints and bill pots will be super helpful for ensuring our mortgage is paid, once bill pots are stable enough to leave labs.


The support issues are what holds me back, personally. I still use Monzo as a spending card, but there’s never anything life-or-death going through it. Everything major goes in and out from Lloyds. I know they’ve got a solid support team. Monzo hasn’t convinced me they do. TBH, it’s all the reports of the phone line just cutting off that bother me the most.