Google Pay alternative

I have a phone that does not have the google services (Huawei) and not possible to run Google Pay.

Looking for alternative solutions, only working service I could find is iCARD, however they charge 0.5% for uploading funds via debit card and accepts free SEPA transfer in UK pounds but there is no means on transferring UK pounds via SEPA with any major UK bank or at least with out a currency charge of transferring to euro and then back to pounds.

Does any one know any alternative solutions to google pay for android?

Barclays offers their own contactless mobile


Amex also have their own “Amex Pay” through their app, though unlike Barclays they also support Google Pay


SEPA doesn’t exist in pounds, so can you send a link to them? I don’t understand what you mean

You mean they accept free SWIFT transfers for GBP?

Doesn’t work on Huawei


Nope, I said, SEPA, and you are correct, it is not normally supported in the UK. However officially SEPA can be used across multiple currencies, and iCARD has created a UK currency account with SEPA account details.

The Amex software does in fact load, it comes up with warning messages regarding no google services but the software continues running at least until the login screen. Just ordered a basic card for testing and will update on this chat.

Barclay card fails to load even at run time and ain’t an option but hopefully, Amex should be a workaround at least until Huawei Pay comes to the UK.

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Sorry I mean, specifically AmEx Pay doesn’t work on it; the app itself works

Source; I have a P40 Pro

Thanks for the confirmation.

I thought the AmEx Pay can work within the App directly?

Noticed the Amex in the NFC options in the android settings and all you need is an AmexCard to activate the application or at least from research I have done.

IF it does not work I will stick with iCARD for now which is available in the App Gallary.

Well, this thread rules out a Huawei phone for me when I consider replacement options when my Samsung finally packs up. :smile:

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Surely, the most obvious answer to this conundrum is to get an iPhone with Apple Pay support :roll_eyes:

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Maybe AmEx didn’t request the permission properly and as a result the access wasn’t granted ? My P40 Pro is factory reset now so I can’t really check, but it would be interesting so you should have a crack at it

One of the reasons why I purchased a none google phone, is the amount google spies on you. I would recommend going into google activity and the sheer amount of information they gain and stored over the years which I consider very disturbing. What is worse, I enable all the privacy settings, and a year on google continues to track because I click “Allow” on some random app, and google thinks it can continue to store my personal information for all the other apps. Managed to install 95% of the apps I use and the 5% of google apps that don’t run I have ended up finding a better workaround. I am now getting used to Huawei EMUI ecosystem and overall I am more satisfied compared to the standard Android setup especially multiple privacy options to recently added features not present on normal android devices

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Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the Huawei phones per se, as I have relatives who love their phones, and the pretty decent camera too, however, I do use GPay considerably, over physical cards.

Never really fancies an iPhone. Price tag puts me off, and I like my Samsung camera :grin: and ability to insert a microSD card for additional storage. Can iPhones do that yet?

There is a work around and not the end of the world.

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Looks intriguing.

As @Recchan confirmed earlier, AmEx won’t work.

Only iCard will work at this stage.

Appears the Huawei P30 Pro is the last to still include Google Play Store, so looking at this at the moment.

Camera looks decent too.

It was released just before Trump’s ban, but won’t be on sale for too much longer. If you wish to buy a Google phone and dependent on google apps such as google pay, then buy Samsung or any other phone

If you are not dependent on the physical google apps or concerned about privacy then I would recommend looking at Huawei. It has already replaced most of the google apps with its own, some I consider better than google in some areas such as petal search, Huawei Assistant and major improvements to the Android Gui. While is still behind Google in many areas, it is catching up and it is been impressive and the rate of development that has gone into some of their apps just over the last few months.

Regarding Google Pay, just have to wait until Huawei Pay is available in the UK, otherwise, I have survived on iCard for the past 3 weeks without any issues.

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Interesting that you suggest Huawei if people are interested in protecting their privacy. If privacy was a key element for me, I would stay well clear of Huawei

? I think you read it wrong

Ooops my mistake. Yes I did mis-read :man_facepalming: