Google Pay reimagined

Google Pay is expanding well beyond being a mobile wallet to being a multipurpose fintech app. Not a fan personally - might have to make my next phone a Samsung so I can use Samsung Pay. At least it’s US only for now.

Google wanting to link to my bank and know yet MORE data on me!?

I’ve a Samsung phone already, Samsung Pay is pretty good and this has given me a little kick to finaly sort out adding my loyalty cards and move over to the app itself fully.

This is some neat technology but I’m probably too invested into Apple products to make any switches over to Google at this point

Only thing I use Google for is for business stuff

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I doubt people will be forced to sign up for the new banking product. You’ll still be able to use Google Pay as it works now.

The new banking product, no, but the rest of the “features” look like they’ll just come with the redesigned app.

Instead of showing a stack of cards or a long list of transactions, the new Google Pay app focuses on the friends and businesses you transact with most frequently.

They do seem to mess around with GPay quite a lot. Think there have been three majorish UI overhauls while I’ve been using it.

Current UI lacks the card labels of the last incarnation, so my two Starling cards are only distinguible by remembering the last digits of its number.

Screenshots there give me Revolut vibes. Rev’s UI isn’t great either, however.

They’re still there if you go to hamburger menu->Payment methods, but not there on the default screen.

Which is pretty unfortunate when you’re stood in front of the self-checkout machine in Morisson’s and you’re just trying to get out as quick as you can.

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All my cards on Google Pay just for disconnected. I got an email from Amex for them… What is going on? When I added Amex again, it asked if I want verification codes by email or text, so this is probably for the upgraded security