Guardian interview with Tom

I would only advise against it because when people find out others are getting paid more it causes chaos :joy:


You can have yourself banned at your local for life voluntarily


Business works on catering to a good portion of your customers - Google for example use the 20% rule :smiley:

Exactly this - I’d rather I not know the guy next to me Is making more or less and vice versa.

For one, it isn’t his business, for two, it could leave both of us at risk of mugging if one of us knows the other makes 120k a year and for three, it could cause issues within the workplace with employees feeling screwed

Well, none of this seems to be an issue in the one county I know of where tax returns are public.

The UK is just such a backwater, in so many ways…

What I pay in taxes also isn’t anyone’s business but the governments.

That’s just a method of public shaming :slight_smile: do you think it’s alright to display someone’s underwear in full view just to embarrass Or shame them?

That’s an absurd comparison.


Man, this cracked me up so much, I think I’ve damaged my hernia

The sheer bathos

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