Halifax Bank, in the fintech game?

So I took Halifax’s bribe and switched a dormant account to them, I was going to take the money and leave but looking at the app it shows some promise.

In terms of design, the app seems to be in the same place as the bank itself, half with their new logo and fonts, the other half from a time gone by with nasty bold blue all in capitals everywhere. Some of their letters and the card comes with the old logo 18 months after they changed it?!? The card by the way, is one of the worst looking, with some Word 98 WordArt ‘X’ behind all the information making it cluttered ugly, but hey ho it’s just a card.

The tech side on the face of it looks good it seems to give nearly everything you would expect from the modern banking app:

Fingerprint login
Card controls (you have to change pin at a cash machine though)
Accounts from other banks displayed
Google/Apple pay integration
Change roundups option
Cheque imaging
Instant notifications on spending and cash flow
Quick share bank details
Spending insights
Pay someone by mobile number
Support chat

The only thing it doesn’t have, as far as I can see is the budgeting features, which for me is not what I’d consider a required feature anyway.

So my question is, to anyone that uses them, is it worth giving a go??, does it actually work well or is it a lot of huff and puff on old systems?

Halifax basically use the same app as Lloyds and Bank of Scotland with a different skin - which shows how far ‘legacy’ banks have come.

Indeed, Lloyds has had some features like roundups for years - well before fintechs appeared.


A lot of errors… it looks like mobile website ?

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Yup, it really looks a lot like a webpage wrapped up in an app and, having used the Lloyds app previously it’s practically the same but with blue rather than green!

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Mine isn’t.

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Maybe I need to upgrade my phone

Although I only use it for a secondary current account and credit card I’ve been pleased with the developments over the last year or so.

I recently tried the debit card spending notifications and they seemed to work fine.

I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see what else they add. As others have said, the Lloyds Bank app is the same although in the past when I had a Lloyds account I did notice that sometimes the Halifax app got features first. I think I read somewhere that they sometimes try out features on the Bank of Scotland customers first, which of course means Halifax too.

In my experience it has often been Bank of Scotland first, then Halifax and only after at least a few weeks, the Lloyds app.

I have always assumed that this is probably due to the size of the customer base at each brand - I think BOS is probably by far the smallest number of customers so it makes sense to test on them first.

Do you mean this negatively or positively? They’re the same banking group so the app isn’t going to be different except for some minor differences in products.

It’s the same with RBS and NatWest. Same app because it’s the same banking group.

The app is pretty decent, it’s got some work to go and I think Lloyds lag a little in terms of development from other banks but not by a huge margin.

I think this is exactly it

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It’s the same with NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank.

RBS and Ulster Bank always get things first because NatWest is the “main brand” for them.

I’ve had spending notifications turned on for my parents Halifax account for about a week or so now, it’s working really well so far.

Possibly the first “legacy” bank to have full spending notifications working for all users?

I’ve found the Halifax notifications don’t work too well, in that they can be very delayed - even a day late in some cases (or until I open the app).


Weird, am on Android here and they’ve always been instant (for card transactions) here.

I’m on Android too and whilst Halifax (and Lloyds) transactions are usually instant, I can confirm that sometimes they are delayed.