Halifax: New Brand


Not the best of starts…


Not sure I see it as a positive change, but well these branding expert know better than me.

Strange comment from Tom after all the BIN was originally an RBS one, that they got given. I’m sure that information won’t be mentioned much, just the fact Monzo claim it as theres. Although banks don’t own BIN numbers the card company does.


Aaaaaaaand the slow change of “legacy” bank into “legacy/challenger hybrid” has begun…

By the time the majority of people will be aware of “challenger banks”, the high street banks will have apps like this, instant notifications, and just enough to stop people from switching willy nilly.

The use of Monzo’s bin and staff members name is just incredibly lazy marketing.

But if I were a Halifax customer, I’d be pretty happy right now.

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This is the point I’ve made a few times on the Monzo forum… which could stop Monzo’s progress.

Quite like the branding change… although the blue reminds me of Barclays… and the card colour is quite similar to Starling’s (ok, it’s a bit more pale than the teal)


Yep, I’ve made it plenty of times too (does that make us “point” buddies?)

The colour looks pretty wishy washy in the photos, but it’s not like their previous cards were design winners.

I’m trying to think of what could be the big draw for the challenger banks in 5 years time.

We can assume instant notifications will be the norm? (can’t we?)

Fee free foreign spend could swing it.

If the legacy banks are able to open accounts through the app, that could be a killer for Monzo/Starling.

Although if that ever happened, and it looks like the writing was on the wall for their current accounts (not that I think it will be that bad… but), Starling will always have their platform to fall back on.


Can you read the staff memeber’s name though? I tried hard, but I really can’t.

I guess I need to take Tom’s word for it …


A reliable app that works all the time is a good start, that’s why i’ll stick with starling.

My brother was with halifax before he switched to starling and told me many times he couldn’t even get on the app, it just showed an error message.

Their “new” apps will look pretty but they’re just as rubbish underneath.


It’s Natalie Ledward.

I had initially taken Toms word for it (seems an odd thing to call them out on if not true), but using all of my CIS skills (which stops at making the screen percentage bigger), I can see it.

Edit: Just for you @nanos

I could make out the Natalie initially.

I then Googled “Natalie Monzo Card” and saw their marketing material…

I don’t think I would have worked out Ledward otherwise…

I’ll also never get this 5 minutes of my life back :joy:

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Oh, definitely. I just found it odd as I tried really really hard.

Apparently your skills far surpass mine … Even now I know it I still can just about guess NATAL** L****

edit @Nick: I feel honoured :wink: Really, though, I can’t get even close to that level on my screen.


When does this rebrand all take effect then? I just had a look out of interest on the app store and it’s still the old app.

It looks extremely similar to Starling’s pulse, and Monzo’s card controls.

On a side note, Blomfield using emojis to even talk to another bank. :laughing: :laughing:

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I think I’d rather take Donald Trump’s word at this point…


Well, if they use emoji in their terms, surely emoji in a message on social media is far more normal, no?

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I noticed the new logo on a TV advert I saw last night.

It’s subtle evolution of their brand rather than a new one. That said, I think it has modernised the brand. Looks OK to me.

The ‘stripey X’ of old was designed to go above a door on a building or be printed on a letterhead. Once it’s shrunk down and displayed on a mobile phone screen it’s a bit ‘meh’.

As for the improvements to their app - once the features were in rival banks apps they were always going to slowly appear in the apps of traditional banks. They have to stay current and relevant.


So, I had to first zoom in on safari, then screen shot it, and then zoom in on Preview on the Mac :joy:

CSI UK here I come…


Do you think this will be enough to get people to switch?

I don’t see it personally - Given how stuck in their ways people are, I just see this as an exercise in reducing the number of “positives” the challenger banks have over the high street banks.

“Monzo’s got a really cool app”… “So has Halifax”…

It may change as more people get used to banking through the app, but of course, more resource could be put into the apps from these high street banks (with tons of money), to make the app experience as good as possible.

I’d also like to point out that the Starling app is far from slick - It takes ages to load, and there are quite a few bugs found each week.

The same for Monzo - It’s really slow with some things, and feels like someone needs to turn it off and turn it on again!


The Starling app and Dozens (although not technically a bank yet) are probably the nicest looking fintech apps I’ve ever seen personally.

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I think all all fintechs or legacy are trying to outdo and catch up with one another.


Subjective, but that’s your opinion.

It doesn’t stop the Starling app from taking about 7 seconds to load up the first time (which feels like an age when every other app is virtually instant).

Looks are important, but performance is equally as important.

(Liam) #19

You know, that’s not something that I had noticed, but it is slow to load.

Just counted about 6 seconds to get to the fingerprint check.

I wonder if that’s actually how long it takes to ‘load’ or whether there’s a hard coded timeout on the splash screen?


I remember highlighting this on the old forum, and they said they’d look at fixing it.

It seems to “remember” whatever it’s trying to load though, because if you go back to it again quite quickly, it will load up much quicker.

No other banking app takes that long from first press to the first screen though!