Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary - just got a badge for visiting 365 days in a row. That must mean @liam launched this forum a year ago today :champagne:


Time does fly!

@liam you’ve done such a great job so far. I’m really interested in the stats for the site etc. Also a little on how you set up the forum and how you went about it. What maintenance it requires and how much time you dedicate to it’s upkeep. I’d love to get to know a little more about behind the scenes of FintechTalk. Please share…

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You’ve beaten me to it! I’ve been keeping an eye on the date with a plan to post about the anniversary today.

The year has gone quick, and I think FTT has evolved nicely over that time.

We are still a small site, but general traffic is steadily increasing month-on-month and registered users are slowly creaping up (spread the word, folks!).

I think when we started we were easily dismissed as the forum for those annoyed at being unceremoniously dumped by Starling, and at various points I think some have tried to paint the place as the anti-monzo forum.

I don’t think either of those is particularly fair or even true - there’s a wide range of discussion taking place here and we are becoming more and more agnostic towards the various platforms, cards and banks that are competing in the UK (and beyond) fintech marketplace.

For those interested, these are the latest Google analytics for August. Like I say, we are a small site but growing…

Technically, I set up the site in an afternoon, thinking if somebody was going to create this place then they were going to need to strike while the iron was still hot.

I grabbed a domain and found some cheap place to host our virtual private server. A couple of hours later I had the basic set up complete and stared PMing people on Starlings shuttered, but still alive community in the hope of recruiting enough people before they could shut off our access. Sure enough within a few hours we’d all received a ‘suspension’ until sometime in the year 3000.

From a day to day maintenance point of view, the site is pretty easy to run - there are a few update patched to apply every few weeks. The main sinkhole for time is trying to keep you lot on-topic and stop threads going off on tangents!

In the next few months I think we’ll likely run out of disk space for the forum to run, and I’ll need to look at hosting again.

Until then, let’s see how we are in another year!



Out of interest @Liam, how much disk space are we using and what sort of rate is it increasing at?

Back-ups of the site are currently at 1.2GB. One is created nightly and I clean those out regularly.

That’s not huge, but the VPS we have is fairly small - I need to clean out any backups before I upgrade/re-build or there isn’t enough capacity.

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@Liam I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your foresight and for all of your hard work in bringing us FintechTalk. I really enjoy the forum and it’s usually one of the first places I visit with a coffee in the other hand every morning. I learn lots and find the tone absolutely bang on point. Great job!


I’d also like to say thanks! I’ve enjoyed reading through this forum and occasionally contributing.

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Thanks for all your hard work @Liam. It’s great to be part of this community. I’m definitely more of a reader than a poster, but it’s good to stay in the know in the fintech world.

If you need any help with the forum, I’m happy to try and help.

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