Has anybody used Klarna?

(DΛVΞ) #1

So I keep getting prompted by the Google Play store to install Klarna. I’d never heard of it (obviously too old and uncool), so looked it up.

So from what I can gather, it’s a “try before you buy” payment mechanism that entices people into spending more at shops? (as merchant transaction fees from the retailer is how they make their money).

In the article I read, Klarna say they can increase the average online store’s orders by 30% and the average spend by 34%, but according to one guy interviewed in the article, his average spend has gone up by about 300% since he started using it! :flushed:

Has anyone on here got any experience of using it?

(sam) #2

I’ve used it as it was the only checkout option. It’s basically an interest free loan for a short period. The USP is that it reduces checkout friction.


I use Klarna’s pay later function when purchasing goods from Bulkpowder’s website.

You have the option to pay now or within 14 days. Depending how close I am to payday determines which option I choose :grimacing:

If you go for the pay later option, you get email reminders nearer the time. There is also an app where you can see transactions and make payments etc.

PayPal have this option too I noticed recently.


Klarna is massive many of the big named companies in the UK offer it, and lots of smaller ones are starting to.

I even have it on my small website.

It offers a number of options to customers.


Great for online clothes shopping. Order multiple sizes, return any that don’t fit and just pay for what you keep. Highly recommended.

(Patrick) #6

Sounds like an STD


They’re being used by Peloton to offer 0% interest on a 1/2/3 year repayment plan for their bikes in the UK.


As always with things like this it will encourage people to spend more than they have especially as it seems to be aimed at younger people but it’s obviously useful for many.

(Nick Slade) #9

I mainly use Klarna for purchases from ASOS. Coupled with their free returns policy it means I can order a few items/sizes, try it all on and send back what I don’t want and only the money for the items I keep is taken from my account. Saves waiting around for refunds to clear and my account to settle