Has anyone managed to get a Starling account with multiple defaults?

As the title says really, I have 4 defaults from early 2015 so just approaching 5 years old, all settled for over a year but I still struggle with getting even a normal current account (even though I pay my credit card in full and don’t miss payments on anything, just 2015 was rough!).

I was declined last Jan, so now I can re-apply, just wondering if it’s even worth it when I still can’t even get a normal bank.

Have you tried Monzo (they offer normal current account)? I think they will be happy to open account for you.
As Starling declined my brother with 2 defaults and Monzo opened account for him without any problems.
He tried all other banks inc first direct - declined…

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Have an account with Monzo currently but they closed my brothers account for seemingly no reason, so would like to try another one.

Also the same as me, I’ve tried most places and been declined, how old were your brothers defaults out of curiosity?

Seems wishy washy, some people get an account, others… not as lucky.

Settled 3 years ago… first direct asked to wait 3 more years before re applying

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I would’ve thought Starling being a bank to help people get a grip on their finances etc, would be one to apply for if you have defaults.

I guess I’m in for another year of a decline, joy lol.

I don’t think anyone can answer that, I know people with 8 defaults get a starling account and people with none getting decline.


It’s weird, I’ve never known personally of being to be declined with defaults.

My friend has 9 and was accepted with them being fairly recent, £30,000 of debt and approved.

Me with 4 and defaults amounting to £1500 was declined, even though they were 4 years old at the time. It’s a strange one to comprehend, I’m hoping for something different this time but if I’ve been declined twice before, I don’t see me being accepted this time.

I would assume something in your risk profile bothers them, what that is, they won’t tell you, but they do have full access to all the standard databases whereas Monzo doesn’t use them.

If you get declined again, its worth considering putting in a Subject Access Request, just to see if there is anything listed that would be worrying.

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Already have with N Hunter, CIFAS, Synetic etc.

N Hunter shows my Starling applications as ‘Clear’ meaning no issues.
CIFAS I have a protective marker, cover letter from Halifax stating it’s for my own protection, not a result of something I’ve done - so will send Starling this also this time round, just in case.
Nothing on Synetic.

Then it has to purely be you don’t fit the risk profile, but the covering letter could help.

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I can only hope so, it was in 2016 - the complaint manager at Halifax put her personal details on there and said if they need clarification they can call her and she’ll confirm it’s nothing I done, someone just made an application with details similar to mine but different email/phone/job etc and it’s for my protection.

Doesn’t the soft credit check only form one part of the overall decision though? It’s a combination of all the other checks as well to determine if they want you as a customer and as @daedal said, you could just not fit the overall profile at this time. You can see stories of somebody with multiple defaults accepted and then somebody with no defaults being declined as it is down to the individual bank if they want you as a customer or not.


I believe so.

I’ll see what happens when I can re-apply, hopefully this time I’ll get in but who knows. The CIFAS cover letter may help me this year as opposed to last year when I didn’t have anything to submit to say it wasn’t me. It might not’ve even been a factor, but who knows.

Good luck on your application, Miles

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See if the Starling gods let me in the gates.
I cba to wait another year, getting bored now!

Good luck with your application Miles :slight_smile: . I really hope you get accepted this time. Have you emailed customer service or talked to them via the live chat on the website? I’m sure they’ll definitely want to help you with the process to reapply.

I’ve been in regular contact with a staff member who’s been very nice to me in fairness.

He helped me re-apply when it was time last year, and we’ve kept in contact - seems a cool guy, wish him the best. I’m sure I’ll pester him a few days before lol!

When are you eligible to reapply? Please let us know how it goes.

Fair few weeks away, I’m TRYING to get another default removed as they promised in 2016 to remove it if I paid the balance back that day, which I did.

If they can, it helps me massively.

So have spent a month cleansing the credit report, if you will.

I got a few missed payments removed and my credit score jumped from ‘poor’ to ‘pretty good’ and now I’ve also done the soft check on nationwide flex plus and it said I can now get one if I want to.

Cancelled for now, but that’s my backup plan should it not go through. But that being said, it should go through. If I can finally get a premium account at a big bank, I should be able to at Starling without an overdraft.