Has Monzo’s Twitter account been hijacked by a student union?

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It’s just so easy for them to jump on this bandwagon. I’ll be impressed by the first bank to state “All lives matter”


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I appreciate that new members would not be able to see the other thread in the Politics area, but can we please remember that further discussion of Monzo’s twitter account goes here, discussion of the politics behind this go in the other thread.

I just had to post to say I found this hilarious!

And yes, I know what a ha’penny is and I’m only 23.

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Haha. For the record, I am 35. They’d stopped minting it before I was born too!

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Darn - didn’t know that.

Oh well, I’ve 59 quids-worth of half-crowns (they must be legal tender… mustn’t they :flushed:?)

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I was still spending sixpence’s up until the beginning of 1980. Used to use them in the sweet shop on the way to school. A sixpence would buy 5 BlackJacks. Still got some halfpennies knocking around. Indeed, I have a large tub of pre decimal coins sat in my loft. Why I keep them, I have no idea lol!

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Oh, you mean tanners :smile:

When I was in short trousers, four blackjacks (or alternatively - fruit salads) cost 1d.


While we are ridiculously off-topic, I came across fruit salad ice cream last week. My God, the E-Numbers! Fantastic!


To be fair mate, I’m only 52. Oh yes, 52, you know, someone over the age of 50 whom apparently some people under the age of 50, want people like me to be indefinitely locked away at home to give people under 50 a chance :roll_eyes:

I remember them well. I never understood why they hadn’t withdrawn them from circulation when we went decimal, because despite saying sixpence on them, they were only worth 2.5p in new money. Visitors to Britain must have been very confused when trying to spend them.

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I agree, one of the oddities of the last quarter of the 20th Century, keeping a pre decimal coin in circulation for almost 10 years after decimalisation. I’ve still got a few of them. Mind you, we were also at the door of a World Nuclear War around that time. Remember those Government adverts? Quite frankly, people today who are scared of Covid 19 who weren’t alive at the time, I reckon they’d be scared to death of what we almost came to. I was a child at the time and there was no PG rating for those adverts lol!

Protect and Survive? more like kiss your ass and say goodbye :rofl:

Anyway, gone severely off topic now…


Speaking of banks getting involved in politics, this one’s a bold move:

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Yeah I don’t agree with that, makes no sense at all.

I also think that the government allowing the shielding people to go out if they want to is a good move - I think it’s understandable that people should be able to decide for themselves if they want to take the risk to make the most of their life, even if they need to be careful.

We (the shielding - I have COPD) were never not allowed to go out - we were only advised not to. We’ve always had the choice to go out if we want to risk it.


Very true - I know you weren’t going to be arrested or anything, but it wouldn’t have been nice to have somebody spot you out and then get into an argument about how you “should be inside” due to government advice!

I was thinking more about that sort of situation than the police stopping you.

Ah, OK. No, people aren’t like that round my way - they’ve been very supportive and would probably be quite pleased to see me venture out of the confines of my property :slight_smile:

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