Hastings Insurance Hard Searching

Don’t go to Hastings to get a quote as even if you don’t buy a policy they hard search your credit file

Are there any rules on this?

Are companies required to explicitly tell you in advance they will be doing a hard search rather than a soft search?

I know many/most do but I wonder if that is more of a courtesy or if they are actually required to disclose what type of search they are about to do?

There is nothing I checked or claimed that said they could do a hard search I’m going to dispute it with the credit agency as all I did was get a quote

I find this frustrating. Many places do a soft search when I’m shopping around for insurance, even though I always pay in full and never take a credit option.

I suspect that is to identify me for anti-fraud purposes.

But a hard search if you’re not wanting credit is not on at all.


Indeed, I’d place a complaint with them requesting for the end result for them to remove the hard search along with a small cash apology for not informing you of the possibility of a hard search.

Just seeing if I could see anything. The only site I can see kinda related is their smart miles where they make it clear just a soft search unless you pay in installments.


Because they’re not allowed to do a hard search without informing you (due to some regulation) or just because you consider it bad etiquette?

I can not find what regulation it might be contrary to, but it’s certainly not the expected practice.

Many sources out there including this one:

It’s certainly bad practice and one that I would be challenging.

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I’m not sure about the first (however every company who has done a hard search on myself has informed me first) at worst it’s not allowed and at best it’s poor form.

Can we clarify, did you get a quote for paying this in instalments?

No to pay in full for the year

This is now being removed from my report apparently it was a mistake and is now showing in ClearScore as going to be removed


I’ve got the same problem. How did you get it resolved? Did you had to contact Hastings?

Yes just email them explaining that they have preformed a hard credit search without notifying you that they was going to