Help me find a wallet 🙏


Looking for a card wallet that can also hold some cash

Preferably something like above but high quality :sweat_smile: thanks for your help in advance

(Dan Mullen) #2

That link only works on mobile if you have Joom installed, otherwise it takes you to the Play Store.

I highly recommend Dash Wallets - the Dash Wallet Slim 3.0 is great but my current wallet is the Ultra Slim ID Bifold.

25% off your first order with that link.


It has one of those mechanisms that pops up the cards and it also has a bit to store some cash :eyes:

(Dan Mullen) #4

There are Dash Wallets that have the same features - I think the Dash Wallet 5.0 sounds about right.

(sam) #5

Thought you hated cash and anyone who used it?


I hate cash and don’t want to use it, but I’m paid in cash so I need the ability to store it until I pay it into the bank :wink: yes, it’s all on the books. Mr HMRC knows I exist and I get payslips if I beg my employers accountant enough.

No, I don’t hate the people that use it :confused:

On top of that I want to visit some countries that are primarily cash based still, like Germany and Japan (going to be going over the next few years) and I’m not going to be able to avoid it there!

Thanks for the recommendation of the Dash wallet @danmullen I’ll see if I can find some videos of it before ordering though.

Edit: The black Dash 5.0 is out of stock smh


I have stacks of different wallets (somewhere in the region of 40!). But this is my favourite by far:


I think I’ll also buy this one :wink:

Ordered :slight_smile:


My ears have pricked up on this thread :slight_smile:

I’m really interested in these kind of wallets, but would like to also squeeze in my Boris bike key.

Any recommendations?

Cheers all.


Every time I see one I like the look of, it ships from abroad and would end up paying an unknown amount of import fees.


Bellroy card sleeve for full on leathery minimalism…

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #12

This is my day to day wallet. Althought no dedicated cash bit it holds new UK notes, and euros nicely in the inside pocket

(Richard) #13

Bought one recently to replace for my normal bellroy wallet.

Both excellent quality (wallet is going on 2 years old and still looks new)

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #14

This just popped up on Instagram

I may get one


I want one like this:
but it ships from the US :frowning:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #16

I’m going there next week, I could bring one back :slight_smile:

I might get one myself


Well if you see one on your travels, let me know :grinning:


Travando wallet came today, very good quality. I’m sold.

Doesn’t really fit cash sadly, my 10£ notes poke out of the side (maybe they’re more meant for € as the company is German, but that’s not an issue since I don’t plan on spending too much more time in the UK) but I’ll be looking at their other Produkts soon


OT but I visited Japan last year for 2 weeks and didn’t take a single note in cash and didn’t have a problem anywhere. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have a problem in Germany either, I don’t take cash anywhere, ever :grin:


Big stores shouldn’t be an issue but mum and pop stores you’re likely to have an issue. This should be fixed by the Tokyo Olympics though, as the government is incentivising payments by card (by offering sales tax cuts on people that use card and increasing the sales tax in general )