Help me find a wallet 🙏


As I said, I didn’t have a single issue in two weeks. I literally took no cash and withdrew none. I visited various stores/bars/restaurants and travelled on subway and cabs…all cashless. Cash is dying :grin:

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I rarely carry cash in Germany. I also haven’t ever been in a situation where only Maestro was acceptable for cards… that said all my friends in Germany mainly use cash, same as when I visit Texas


There’s some there, I promise :joy:

That’s just how it goes in a mainly cash country :joy:

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Oh I’m aware a lot of people are still carrying cash, I just think there really is no need to these days unless your visiting really remote parts of the world or some small village pubs etc in the UK I know still don’t take cash. In fact I have one friend who legitimately gets offended that I don’t carry cash when we are out for a meal etc. I now do it more to wind him up of course :joy:


Well that depends how you definite “mainly” cash. If you talk about acceptance I think it is very rare to find places that don’t take cards. If your talking about public use, that’s another story. But that’s their choice, not because the world necessarily demands it any more.

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I agree, I go to Japan for a couple of weeks every few months and spend hardly any cash. It’s a complete myth that they are a cash only society, and I have not understood the insistence that it is since I started going there in 2015.
Cards and Suica cover pretty much anything. And now that Suica can be put in an iPhone wallet and topped up with ApplePay there is no need to even have cash for that.
I think I last took out ¥30,000 (a shade over £200) three trips ago and still have about ¥15,000 left.


Just ordered one of these and they gave me a 20% discount code for my next order, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering one for a while as they’re pretty expensive (and as such I expect it to last a while)

They have a pretty good reputation too, but I’ll let you guys know if it’s any good once I have it in my palms.

Just a heads up, the free shipping isn’t free to the UK (due to high amount of recorded losses of packages on their way to the UK, although I believe this is bullshirt) but it’s only 10$ and if you’re spending 89$ on the wallet I don’t see the issue with spending 10$ for shipping.

Here’s the code for anyone that wants it: X7R-S4Q

To be honest that looks exactly like the code I used to purchase my one, so I’m assuming it’s unlimited use. Post if you buy one in the thread and if the code worked, if it works for two people I guess we’ll know :joy:

Full disclosure: I get nothing from providing this here, although if they see this by any chance and want to give me some money, feel free. Also to add, I don’t have my wallet yet so I’m going on what people on YouTube and some online friends of mine have said. I’ll edit this post (or perhaps make a dedicated thread/post in this thread) to include a “review” or some thoughts on it.


Can I just put it out there that this nfc protection is completely pointless. This possible fraud just doesn’t happen. Even if it did they can take at most £30 and if they’re feeling really wild keep tapping your wallet and get about £90 before it’s blocked.

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I don’t want it for the NFC protection so it’s not much of an issue to me, I just wanted a nice card first wallet with some good leather on it.