Help transfering money

So, I’m currently on holiday with some Latvian friends. One paid for soemthibg so I need to transfer him the money from my starling account. He’s provided me with his revolut details. It’s an IBAN.

It’s a UK IBAN from what I can see so when I set up a new payment to a UK account, I have to give account / sort rather than IBAN…now I could make assumption that first 8 is account number and last 6 is sort code…but maybe ill send the money into the ether…

Any ideas :slight_smile:

This should help

Just sign up for Revolut, top up your account, make sure you have the phone number he uses for Revolut in your contact list and send him an instant payment - easy-peasy, no need to fiddle around with IBANs.

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Is this in EUR or GBP @LawrenceFerguson

I isn’t fancy signing up. I’m happy with current set up.

Next problem I didn’t even consider he has a euro account… @Recchan hmm

Yeah I wouldn’t send you an IBAN unless it was an EUR account unless you were transferring from a foreign GBP account

Then ask him to send you a payment link, which you can use to make a card payment.

Ah cool. I’ll ask! I was hoping revolut had a settle up type.function!

Just to answer my own question…

I thought of another solution…transfer to my euro starling account and transfer :slight_smile: