Hint at new card colours?

Could this be a hint at new card colours? I notice @danmullen in the replies on a similar line of thinking.


Are any of the birds made out of metal? :crossed_fingers:t3:


I think they’re unlikely to change the standard colour from Teal, but it will be interesting to see what colour they use for the credit card. A return to purple, maybe? Gold used to be exclusive, once upon a time, but it’s just common and naff these days.

Yup, my Wife is a fembot.

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We have teal for personal cards and navy for business. I suggested it could be purple for joint, with black and gold options for credit cards.


I like this idea. Maybe Black for the personal credit card and a Gold option for a potential business credit card?

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That steel bird in Pokemon.

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I tweeted them last week and they said no plans for metal - of course maybe they were just keeping it under wraps, but it was very much a direct no rather than hedging their bets :pensive:

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I’d love a different colour for joint accounts

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I like the boring blue for business, so they don’t need to touch that

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Maybe I’m just out of touch, but I don’t understand the trend for metal cards - working in a retail business, in a wealthy area I have never seen a metal card.


I don’t like worn stuff in my wallet - it should all look new or nicely aged

My Starling card fails this mark while my Revolut one looks nice and new ;(

Besides that idk, it’s just a personal trigger of mine that’s caused me to adopt mobile payments and leave the wallet behind

Brands are important to people with labels showing, a metal card is exactly the same, its all about flashing it about. The whole it lasts longer argument is flawed, it lasts for 3 years the same as plastic cards. Nowadays more people use mobile payments so don’t even get the card out, so pure vanity.


Exactly this. And we know people are really happy to pay for vanity. They are willing to spend extraordinary amounts of cash on brands and whatever. So banks want to have part of that cash.

It’s not for me (same as I don’t care for brands at all), but I understand that people do, and that banks want to have part of that pie. As such I actually think that Monzo’s pricing is perfectly logical and appropriate: it’s a luxury item with luxury pricing…


Absolutely, and nothing wrong with them launching a premium product with a price, but no point people pretending its anything more than vanity.


So just think how amazed you would be when you met a customer with one, and would no doubt think they are amazing trend-setters (and not someone who has poor financial judgement who is prepared to pay for things that don’t do anything!).

Seriously, it’s a nice thing to have and to hold - people buy pretty things all the time, and pay extra for items that look nicer. Very much a luxury!

My Starling card looks exactly the same as the day I got it! I usually use Google Pay but I carry my card everywhere, tucked safely into my nice bi-fold Dash Wallet :grinning:


Tbh if post office upgraded their system I would literally never need my card

Let me top up my card by Apple Pay pls post office

To be fair, in the real world, the only way anyone is going to notice a metal card is if someone is deliberately shoving it in your pie hole.

I absolutely completely agree with the statements made about metal cards and people wanting them for that premium customer feel and that some banks clearly have a right to make money from those that wish to want one. Most of my debit and credit cards stay in my wallet and I never make a point of card placement at the point of sale with the aim of wanting people to see what I pack.

Undoubtedly it’s probably just my age, but as I alluded in another thread, if someone was deliberately flashing a metal card in my face just to try and prove some point that they are wealthy or want to be noticed as some sort of ‘trend setter’, I’d just think they were a tit and I’d probably mutter something under my breath. I think that would be the reaction of plenty of people if we’re all honest.


Metal cards are essentially jewellery. Bling for your wallet.

I don’t get it.