HMV on the brink

(Liam) #1

As per the title really…

HMV is the last big national retailer of entertainment on physical media.

Woolies, Virgin Megastore, Our Price, Andy’s records, Zavvi (Virgin reboot), Blockbuster, Borders are all gone.


Sounds like capitalism working

Come on sports direct :^) buy them out

(Liam) #3

Sounds like the high street dying.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand market forces. I understand that people will shop where its convenient and where they can get the right price.

I also understand that I am part of the problem - the only thing I buy in town is coffee, pastry-based goods and twice-weekly groceries.

But it would be sad if we lost physical stores, leaving town centres with only Costa Coffee and a few escape rooms!


I wouldn’t say the high street is completely dying. A lot of shops provide value - you can see the physical items and try them on before you buy.

But for digital goods it just doesn’t make sense. Why would I go to HMV to buy my music when I’ve got iTunes or Spotify?

To be honest I’m surprised they lasted that long. Every time I go by I asked myself how are those guys still in business? Looks like their time has finally come. :joy:


HMV actually sell a lot and it was a pretty good place to buy games (normally brand new ones were about 5£ cheaper at HMV)

Dw so am I. I dislike spending money to the point I begrudge myself going in to highstreet stores. I buy online and in other language markets so I don’t see things I want and end up buying more :wink:

(Liam) #6

You got me there too. I don’t own music anymore - I rent it from Spotify.
Just like Live & Kicking in the early 1990s, “I don’t do discs”.


Is 5£ worth taking the time to go there? Sure isn’t for me, and I guess it wasn’t for a lot of people either.

If I buy a game it’s more of an impulse buy thing more than anything else and so I want the game downloaded now so I can play immediately. Going to a shop doesn’t work with that use-case.

Not to mention if you want cheap games you might as well go with CeX.

(Liam) #8

I do that too - which makes the bricks-and-mortar stores hard to justify at head office. They cost a lot to staff and heat but the revenue belongs to the cheapy warehouse to home division.

(Adrian) #9

I think the last physical album I ever bought (and it was from HMV) was Random Access Memories, and that was only because you couldn’t get it digitally at first. Been using Spotify pretty much since it first opened.

Other than that, all I used HMV for was to buy headphones, and I haven’t needed a new pair of those for many years, since I stopped buying skull candies - and when I do I’ll probably just use Amazon now.

The only thing I really use the high street for now is clothes.

(Liam) #10

I need to ease off on my Amazon habit
Maybe spend a bit more of that with real shops - small shops where I can.


I already go through the town centre to get to university through, so it was for me :frowning:

Just don’t impulse buy, ez

If a Sony Walkman can connect to Spotify at any point, I’ll jump on it. Along with this I need more Japanese music though >.<


I see high-end clothing as a profitable market for the high-street. Still needs a lot of optimisation though… why don’t we have self-checkout, or even better, mobile checkout where you use your phone to pay for the items directly (Apple does this with their stores)?


Oooo tricky one this…

I don’t go shopping… pretty much ever.

Even the worlds worst online shops can normally get things delivered in a few days, and generally the price is less than online.

Not forgetting that most of what you need is on Amazon, and again, it’s cheaper.

I’ll be sad for the staff, but hopefully the business rates can come down, and more independent, niche shops can take the place of the faceless monsters that are disappearing.

Debenhams, M&S, House of Fraser, TK Maxx, John Lewis - They all do the same bloody thing!

As for HMV - They never adapted to the digital trends, and the writing has been on the walls for years.

I’ll be happy if high streets turn into places for social gatherings at unique coffee shops, or entertainment venues, and not a place to try and dodge the locals looking for their next bargain in the shops!


Spotify is my only source for music. You can’t beat £9.99 per month for unlimited music. When it comes to films, I just rent them.

HMV was never going to survive.


4.99£ a month for unlimited music is better.


That’s a tricky one for sure. I agree that for stuff that I actually need I end up just ordering on Amazon with next day delivery.

Clothes is a different beast though. I don’t need any more, so the only ones I still keep buying are more impulse buys than anything else, and those ones come from shops where I can see the item and decide if I like it. That doesn’t happen online - in fact I hate shopping online for this because by the time I receive the item it’s too late and I don’t really care about it anymore.

(Liam) #17

I’m not sure Amazon is that cheap to be honest - I usually find things cheaper elsewhere. But then I usually get things from Amazon anyway as we have a family Prime subscription.

Debenhams, M&S, House of Fraser, TK Maxx, John Lewis are a waste of space for me. I only every buy from one of those, but M&S cannot survive on me buying cheese scones alone!


Selfridges sometimes has decent stuff. I do agree there’s a lot of shit to sift through before you find something nice.


At the moment I’m paying nothing as I’m on a family account :joy:


I wish I could do the same, but my family are quite happy with buying CD’s