HMV on the brink

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One of the companies expecting to post bad figures is ‘next’. They are one of the ones who have supposedly embraced online shopping and have been strong in this area.

I think what this set of figures is likely to show is a) town centres are becoming perilous for chain retailers and b) you can’t force people to spend what they fear they won’t have within a few months.

There’s a whiff of 2008 around the high street.

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Next is the key. An absolutely shockingly poor retailer full of ugly crap, but during World War 3 i’d expect it’s LfL to be down 5%, it seems to have replaced M&S as the place middle aged and slightly below people with no real sense of style (and i don’t mean that insultingly) will buy a core wardrobe for a reasonable price and so is remarkably resilient, or at least has been. If tomorrow’s results are bad you know there’s going to be a bit of a bloodbath.

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That hurts.


Just 5 years ago, I would hear about next, friends would go there, shop there and so on, nowadays I don’t know anyone that uses Next, they are over priced high street stores, so nothing would encourage most people to shop there, so I don’t know what they have embraced but its not anything new.

They are still an over priced clothes shop, that people can get just as good quality from other places at a lower cost.

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I actually agree with that.
In my early 20s I would shop there a lot. I’ve swapped them out with H&M - though their jeans are sometimes odd-fitting.

Next are over-priced and I think they’ve shifted older in their target audience over the last 10 years. It seems odd that I used to shop there at 21 but think their range is too ‘safe’ for me at 33.

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Sorry. :see_no_evil::joy:

Admittedly i’ve not looked at their menswear recently…

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Accurate, to be fair. But you know what they say about the truth!

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I think the thing is though, everything you’ve said about them is the exact reason they’ve been so resilient. By shifting a bit older they’ve lost people like you and me, but have managed to gain that huge chunk who would have gone to M&S but have become so fed up with the constant revamping over the last 15 years so they don’t know when they go in whether they’ll find clothes for elderly people or Alexa Chung and Holly Willoughby types. These are people who like safe and have money, so if they’re not buying it really is a big deal.


That is where the issue is though. Older people might be happy to spend a bit more, but they buy less. Edinburgh Woolen Mill had that problem, until they bought Peacocks.

Younger people tend to buy more clothes, more often. They don’t just look at price its quality as well. But a pair of jeans for £35 in River Island, or £50 for lesser quality in Next, its fairly clear where the problem is.


I had an argos near me that was very handy but has closed now probably because it didn’t have some sort of circus act performing to make it into an experience.

I just want to get in and out, it doesn’t need to be a day out for me.

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Ah, the big, laminated book of everything.
Amazon in a store (with free (but quite short) pens).

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What baffled me when I went in Argos the other day was how long the queues for the tills were. There were about 6 self serve terminals free with no one using them. I was in and out in about 10 minutes while others were still at the back of the queues.


You can get parcels from ebay delivered there so very useful!


God bless those middle aged women with no real dress sense :joy:

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I daren’t show this thread to my wife… :zipper_mouth_face:


I did - I told her…

“Victoria Beckham’s personal stylist has said you have no fashion sense if you shop from Next - So stop buying stuff!”

Her response…

“But I get my own time slot for the sale…”

Honestly… :roll_eyes:

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The thought of giving that woman style tips is terrifying. He’s called Goldenballs because he once spoke out of turn and she had them gold plated and put on the mantle…

Former brand director and general dogsbody if we’re being accurate.


Ah, you do look more like Mel B’s stylist… :joy:

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Who doesn’t want to look like a hybrid of two of Britain’s best loved TV characters; Bet Lynch and Pat Butcher?

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And yet, despite that terrifying, terrifying image you just painted - which I will never be able to forget - Mel B was my favourite of the spice girls back in the 90s.
Maybe I just have a thing for women who scare me witless.