HomeKit Thread

Does anyone know where to find decent U.K. sold HomeKit devices ?

It seems to simply exist, Apple’s HomeKit list includes things from the rest of the world as well as U.K. available things. Makes it hard to find compatible items.

I have been switching from a Google system to Homekit in the last year as I have always used an iPhone but have bought into the Nest ecosystem.

I use Lifx Mini Colour for Homekit lights.
I use Meross for Homekit plug switches (they have just released Homekit compatible switches).
I use Ikea’s TRÅDFRI for Homekit compatibility for my automated electric blinds.
I use a Starling Home Hub to get my Nest devices (cameras and thermostat) to talk to Homekit.

I currently use Smartthings sensors (motion and moisture) through a Homebridge (so it talks to Homekit) because I found Homekit bluetooth sensors (Eve and Fibaro) to be too slow. This is an area I need to look into in the future.

I also use a Homebridge to also get my Yale Smart Alarm to talk to Homekit. Again, something to look into in the future.

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I’ve had Hive central heating and plugs for a few years and they are now finally HomeKit-compatible.

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Are there any plugs that you know of @Chapuys that are directly installable into the socket and HomeKit enabled? Always keen to install things to be flush rather than having to put a socket into a socket lol

Also wondering if the lights are connectable via a bridge? Seems to be a lot less hassle to set them up to a bridge once and then move and not have to reconnect 10 different lights to the WiFi network lol

Lifx lights are WiFi only I believe. I have Philips hue which use a bridge. They’re great, but the lumens are a little low for my liking.

I keep considering switching to LifX for more lumens, but also to move away from needing a hub. I’m on a fools errand trying to combat the rats nest that is my home network cabinet. I use my own networking hardware as opposed to my ISPs, so moving house or changing provider wouldn’t pose an issue to me, but whenever I change router, I always use the same SSID and password, so not sure having to reconnect a dozen lights would be a concern for me.

You may want to look into Home Assistant. I’m running it on my NAS with a Zigbee USB stick and a wild mix of devices from various manufacturers.

HomeKit bridge built in, so everything works with Siri, whether it comes with HomeKit certification or not. Bit of tinkering required.

HA even has a Starling Bank integration (and N26, but…).


Yep Home Assistant is what I use and what I would recommend too.

Regarding the Starling Home Hub, didn’t know Starling was pivoting to home automation… :joy:


I also use home assistant. Almost everything in my house connected to it in some way

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Another +1 for Home Assistant and Zigbee devices (ooh, the Zigbee!). Though

Xiaomi’s sensor range is pretty good. I’ve got a mix of the temperature/humidity, door open and movement sensors. Probably going to pick up some detectors for water leak detection too.

Never particularly liked having to ask a Chinese server to switch my lights on, so bringing automation back to my local network was nice.

Ooh the zigbee :joy: love Paul. I recommend home assistant too though with homekit integration I also use hoobs (out the box homebridge) to get my ring cameras and alarm system into homekit (since the ring home assistant homekit integration sucks), both work great.

I don’t use home kit at all.
All j have Apple is iPads, so I just use the Google home or home assistant app.
Am I missing anything with homekit?

better quality + ability to access a lot better when you’re using Mac/iPhone/HomePod/iPad

Don’t go into sales @recchan

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im in tech for a reason. i dont understand people