Hot coral not trademarkable

Viola Coral?

Monzo tried to trademark a colour ? :astonished:

What’s next…
Starling v Cadbury’s ???

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Cadbury’s did have a trademark on their purple but lost it last year.

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They did?

Well played, them (at least for a while). It’s a smart lawyer who can trademark a colour. :smiley:

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Nothing wrong with trademarking a colour of is ubiquitously associated with your brand. Usualy they’re trademarked for a certain industry. Otherwise any bank could make a pink monzo card.

An image, perhaps, but a colour ?

Hmm - reading around, it’s not as daft as it sounds :woozy_face:.

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Sure. Purple and chocolate? Cadbury’s

Orange and shops? Sainsbury’s
Pink and phones? T-mobile

The brand is one of, if not the biggest asset a company has. And for some, colour is a big part of their brand.

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Not sure the benefit of trademarking a colour when they want you to pay for a plus account and choose a different colour.


Good point :thinking:

It’d be hilarious to see whether Revolut will do a time limited April Fools Day hot coral card.


I think this and their logo etc. not being hot coral kind of doomed the case for them. Only their card is that colour (and like you said no longer even exclusively so).

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I didn’t think ‘Hot Coral’ was a colour Monzo came up with.

Seem to remember reading an article where they were explaining their card design process. Thought it was one of the colours that the manufacturer sent as a sample when they were looking for a fluorescent colour that had the most impact?

Can’t remember if they came up with the name or not.

Happy to be corrected. Was a while ago.

There is a lot of confusion with trademarks, because many people think that a degree of innovation is required for a registered trademark. But that’s not the case. Innovation is required for patents (including design patents, which to my knowledge don’t actually exist in the UK), but not for trademarks.

I’m therefore somewhat surprised to see that Monzo’s application was rejected. Maybe they made the scope too broad? But it’s hard to argue that this terribly ugly colour is not absolutely “Monzo’s colour” in the banking sector.


The must have came up with the name, but it’s Pantone 805.

Ironically very close to Pantone’s (the company) actual colour.