How Britain can help you get away with stealing millions: a five-step guide

This one goes from sad, to absolutely frickin hilarious to so deeply depressing that you can’t believe it.

Definitely well worth a read…

It is worth a read. This IMHO is why some financial trading will never move to Frankfurt (Brexit or no Brexit) because Frankfurt would have far more due diligence.

So is this what we want to base our economy on? Money laundering?

As long as we are tough on the little fish who fall prey to becoming money mules, and freeze enough people’s bank accounts because they trade half a bitcoin, or have Arab surnames I guess …

We’ve turned a blind eye to British Overseas Territories basing their economies on secrecy and dodgy money since forever.

We’ve also been at best sluggish at ridding the City of London and in particular Real Estate in the capital of criminal money too.

Depressingly its business as usual.