How many books/e-books do you buy in a Year?

How many books?

And how many e-books? :nerd_face:

Ana how many audiobooks (like Kevyn’s way :musical_note:)?

I buy about 12 audiobooks a year. No physical books or ebooks.

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I am an obsessive biography/autobiography buyer. Hard copy only. I have a few hundred easily, particular faves tend to be people with a business/entrepreneurial skew or people in the creative industries. I love reading about what makes people tick and how they got where they did, even better if I actually know or know about the person and contrast their view with a more objective or personal view. I couldn’t really work out a specific number as I buy as and when I see things, but at least a couple a month.

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A lot so find having the kindle subscription useful

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I buy quite a few ebooks per year

I probably get through a book every fortnight at the least, sometimes one book per week depending on how much free time I have.