How many email accounts do you have?

So, as per the title!

Basically, for my own part, I have 4 separate email accounts. That’s 3 too many and I’ve made inroads into doing something about it. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been unsubscribing to email lists, logging into years old accounts which to my surprise some were still there years after I last used them, and basically sanitizing everything before I press the delete button.

Hotmail. So many people have or have had a Hotmail account and for me it was the first email account I ever opened. It’s been a nightmare to be honest, constant spamming over the years, though my account as far as I know, has never been hijacked. A couple of days ago I started receiving emails from an acquaintance I haven’t had contact with for ages. The emails contained just a single link and for obvious reasons, I didn’t click on them. I did however contact my acquaintance and let them know their account was being spoofed from a German email address. Anyway, I’ve finally taken action to close down the account, deleting quite literally hundreds of emails some from over ten years ago! I’m nearly there, just saving the very important stuff to my computer before I take action to delete the account. Apparently it takes Microsoft some 60 days to delete a Hotmail account during which time if you really want the account gone, you absolutely cannot log back into it, or the whole deletion process starts all over again.

TalkTalk. A leftover from when I used to be a customer. I use it for insurance companies etc. In any case, I’ve been sort of forced to get this closed down because TalkTalk are going to actively close down all accounts for those people who are no longer customers, unless you give them 50 quid a year, and I’m not giving TalkTalk a red cent.

Gmail. Spent the last few days deleting literally over a thousand emails from the account. I’ve become very troubled by their intrusiveness. I locked down all of my preferences long ago, but I get ads, some of which I find quite offensive and there appears to be nothing I can do to stop them.

I’ve replaced the lot, with a single protonmail account which I’m now using for almost everything. Still got a few forum accounts to change the email over, but largely, my migration is almost done. I’m using the free version of the account at the moment, but after Christmas, I might opt for the Plus plan at about £37 a year or 48 euro. I’m guessing paying for it on my Starling card will bag the best conversion rate should I choose the paid option.

I’m finding my new protonmail account much cleaner. I’m keeping on top of things too, not allowing clutter to build up, well I don’t want to bust my 500mb limit on the free plan too early!

Anyway, anyone else have as many email accounts? or are you all far too organised!

You and a lot of us :blush:. Reason was largely because it was free and not attached to any other service. It was a ball-ache even then but it worked.

I’m pretty much reliant now on Gmail. I don’t regard the Google intrusion with quite the degree of reticence that many others do. And the whole Google interaction across applications keep me interested.

Too many!

Over the years I must have picked up accounts on,,, probably others too.

Plus the accounts that are automatically created when you join ISPs, so over the last 15 years that’s been freeserve, Madasafish, IC24, force9, freenetname, O2, Tiscali, sky, Plusnet.

And all that, of course, excludes the places I have worked in this time.

I didn’t really used to delete accounts when I stopped using them, so I have no idea how many are still functional or have simply expired.

I’ve ran my own email server for the last five or six years so while I have addresses on (too many) multiple domains - they at least all go into the same place.

Apart from TalkTalk, I’ve not used other ISP email accounts. I don’t even use the landline telephone, haven’t for years.

But back on the email front, it’s just too easy to sign yourself up to so many ‘free’ email accounts. It’s good to keep some things completely separate, but for me, it’s just become an absolute ballache and I can’t be arsed with it anymore.

I mentioned it in my opening post, but I’ve been more than surprised about the amount of accounts with companies with whom I’ve bought stuff off over the years, whereby the account is still active. The longest last used account I went into the other day, I hadn’t bought anything from since 2009, but there it was. I thought GDPR might have forced companies to scrub accounts after a period of inactivity, which certainly appears to be the case with some companies I’ve bought stuff from in the recent past. I’ve entered my email address, requested a password reset and been hit with ‘no account can be found with that email address’.

Anyway, it’s been quite an eye opener reading through years old email!

Ah…a student of Chekhov, I see. :joy::rofl:

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Lol! I’ve never read anything by Anton Chekhov, way out of my league. Indeed, I haven’t read a book, not a single one, for almost 40 years.

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You and me both, but I felt awful posh quoting him :grinning:

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My two year just came up for renewal with Protonmail and just renewed for another two. Just over £60 using dollar option with Monzo at 1 to 1.29.

I could run my own server but for what is just over 8p a day I’m fine with that. Not had any issues and almost zero spam.

I’m tempted at the Plus plan. Ok, it’s around £37 a year but I suppose you get a decent level of security, zero ads, although there’s no ads on the free version anyway, plus there’s an additional 4 email addresses if you want them, handy for separating out the insurance/forum stuff from banking etc. Also a lot more folders. 3 folders is a bit stingy, but I shouldn’t complain as it is a free plan.

Proton’s interface looks quite nice - I’ll give them that.

I certainly prefer Proton’s interface over Gmail, Outlook or TalkTalk.

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I’ve had a message just today go into my Proton spam folder, a purchase confirmation from The Range. There’s nothing in that message in my view that could possibly warrant a spam card.

What I have had though are both Plusnet and British Gas emails with a warning header that the message has failed its domain authentication requirements and that it may be spoofed or improperly forwarded. Apparently one has to actually contact the company concerned and send them the message back for their IT tech guys to sort out. No other message I’ve received has had that header on.

Yeah occasionally you’ll spot major businesses that haven’t setup their email correctly. I’ve sometimes dropped them an email, but a lot of time it falls on deaf ears. It may be a case it passed SPF and DKIM and just failed DMARC. I find those get to my inbox rather than spam. It’s got a function to help report phishing attempts which I use if I ever spot one.

If you use the … Menu and View headers it’ll show what passed/failed

I did have a few minutes seeing what rivals are out there but nothing seems to be better for my situation.

I have also thought about using the other accounts like bills@ hello@ junk@ on my domain to make it easier to sort when I give out an address but I’ve given up trying to manage the emails and just search the inbox when I need something from the past.

I’ve just been looking again at the paid options on Protonmail and it’s the first time I’ve noticed the 2yr discounted plan. Obviously it’s cheaper buying the plan in either US dollars or Swiss Francs rather than Euros, especially for those of us that have either a Starling or Monzo debit card here in the UK.

I’ve also discovered Protonmail’s own secure login site through TOR which adds even more security. I noticed that when I accessed my Protonmail account through Firefox, it wasn’t fully secure. I won’t be accessing through the standard Firefox browser again.

Thanks for the tips by the way!

I’ve started to make more use of +addresses to help me manage my mail.


but it’s a pain going through all the places where you’ve used othe addresses and changing them.

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Im happy with the app on Android. Haven’t tried through Tor but a nice option to have if you need it. They also have a combined VPN but only good if you’re in a country that blocks content or actively monitors, I think it’s a bit overkill for normal use in the UK.

I too am happy with the iOs app. I had to delete the official Gmail app off my iphone because of the ads, drove me round the bloody bend to be honest. I now access Gmail through the standard iphone add an account settings, the same as I do for TalkTalk and Outlook. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I can delete them and wave goodbye once and for all.

I don’t use a VPN so using TOR is a good compromise. I haven’t noticed any slow down accessing Protonmail via TOR through Protonmail’s own onion layer.

There are ads in the iOS version of the Gmail app?

Was going to ask that. I’ve been using the Gmail app for ages. No ads that I can see…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I used to get dating ads lol! I haven’t had the Gmail app on iOs for a while now so things might have changed. I still get ads on the web based browser, nothing I can do to get rid of them either.