How to delete a payee?

How does one delete a payee (Android, latest version as of 04:03, January 6th)

I can’t even find a proper payee list, I don’t suppose it’s hidden in the transaction section? (It says I can’t transfer out despite having 2 standing orders)

The payments section, they’re all listed there.

They can be edited on Android too can’t they? On iOS they can only be deleted. I remember Chris in the old forum saying that this was going to be fixed very soon but never happened.

Can edit a payee on IOS :+1:

There is an edit and delete option. They’ve always been there.

Yeah I can get to them, but I can’t delete or edit them. They’re just “there”.

Edit: I can’t do it on iOS either. Weird.

Click on a payee on payments screen. Next screen click … top right -> edit (on IOS)