HSBC app failure

Awkward… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes HSBC bet was down yesterday morning and was frustrating as I work for a solicitors in their finance team. So not being able to check for payments in or send CHAPs was frustrating.


Sounds like a rather unique solicitors.

Nope. I’ve tried, Manda, but this one is beyond me…:flushed::grinning:

So much for in-house legacy infrastructure being more reliable, eh? :joy::joy:


Not being able to?

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Not being able to and iPhone spell check.

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Blimey, I’d have pondered that all day.

Good old iPhone…:grinning:

I guess the main advantage they have here really is that this was just one of their four major banking channels out, and two of the other channels that were reportedly still working can also be accessed from a phone if needed.

And while I have absolutely no idea about the architecture of HSBCs banking platform, I’m not sure legacy can be applied to their mobile app infrastructure - it should be one of the newest parts, no?

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The app may be new but the underlying infrastructure I would think is bolted on top of online banking. Any system with multiple layers of patches and different systems taped together that aren’t intended to work together is prone to failure as there are so many points that failure could occur

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Online banking apparently didn’t go down though, just the app - so, logically, it must be one of the new bits that failed - specifically, if the article is correct, an issue with authentication.

The point being is that new != more reliable. I work in a business that has many old systems with newer systems bolted on top - it’s rarely the old bits that fail.

Normally it’s the hack to get the new working with the old

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Designed properly it should never go down

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Nothing should ever go down…