HSBC begins beta tests of app-only business bank Kinetic

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I actually like the look and idea of that, I just wanna know whether it’s going to have HSBCs customer service or first directs, because that will be the key for me, HSBC with its outdated ideas and horrendous problem solving to first directs with its legacy systems but they help, would make a big difference.

Has anyone signed up to the Beta ?

Curious to hear how they rate the account.

I’ve normally found HSBC cs top notch. Always answer straight away and problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Shame I didn’t know this before switch my business account from RBS to Starling. Would have preferred to stay with HSBC as I have personal accounts with them.

An app-first approach I can understand and get behind. But what is with the obsession of app-only with the modern fintech banking offerings? I think full featured web access is just as vital even if it’s only complimentary, especially for business accounts.

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Business was terrible with HSBC actually. Personal was amazing