HSBC debit card daily limit

I’ve scoured the HSBC web site but can’t find the daily debit card limit. This is for an Advance account, if it makes any difference.

I had an inkling that it was £10,000 but I may be thinking of another bank…

Now I could be completely wrong about this, but I thought the traditional banks had no debit card limits other than the amount in your account. This is certainly what Nationwide told me when I purchased a car and I asked if they needed to approve it beforehand (they didn’t).

I thought it was only the new fintech banks that had daily limits.

I could be totally wrong though as I generally spend on a credit card.


There’s a daily ATM limit and daily limits on faster payments. There are also limits on how many times your card can be used contactless before you have to use Chip and PIN instead, but there are no limits on debit card purchases other than your account balance, or overdraft limit if you have one.


I should have been clearer. That’s what I was referring to. I do know there are other limits of course :slight_smile: Some banks can temporarily or permanently change your debit card ATM limit on request.


Thanks, both - good to know that there’s no limit.

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