HSBC/First Direct

First Direct are usually quite good; but there app, and HSBC’s app, aren’t compatible with the new iPhone XS and XS Max. Someone’s dropped the ball there. Fixed expected “In the next week”

This made me laugh out loud when I read this, but I guess it also highlights the millions of people who will likely take great comfort from being told about this (via snail mail) in advance.


They are sending out a letter as well?

They’ve already sent an email and have dedicated the front page of their website to it.

No wonder they’re reluctant to change anything if this is what they put themselves through.

They will need a national advertising campaign if they dare to change the rest of online banking.

I think I have all the ‘paperless’ settings turned on with my firstdirect account, and have only had an email about this, no letters.

Closed Credit card and Current account with FD… Success ?! :smile:

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