HSBC/First Direct

First Direct are usually quite good; but there app, and HSBC’s app, aren’t compatible with the new iPhone XS and XS Max. Someone’s dropped the ball there. Fixed expected “In the next week”

This made me laugh out loud when I read this, but I guess it also highlights the millions of people who will likely take great comfort from being told about this (via snail mail) in advance.


They are sending out a letter as well?

They’ve already sent an email and have dedicated the front page of their website to it.

No wonder they’re reluctant to change anything if this is what they put themselves through.

They will need a national advertising campaign if they dare to change the rest of online banking.

I think I have all the ‘paperless’ settings turned on with my firstdirect account, and have only had an email about this, no letters.

first direct now shows pending transactions, I wonder if HSBC gets this as well :smiley:

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Next year :))

They split pending and upcoming transactions - nice!

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You really couldn’t see pending transactions before? I’m sure banks have done this for years.

Most banks, maybe, but First Direct’s online banking and mobile app are sadly very behind the times.

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It’s an improvement but it’s still fundamentally absolutely shite.


You can now see pending debit card transactions in real time in the HSBC app


Could anyone post a screenshot of what the pending transactions look like in the app? Are they listed in the Pending section at the top of the feed, or is that still confusingly reserved for upcoming DDs and SOs?

Is this possibly an A/B testing thing, because my ‘What’s New’ screen doesn’t mention pending transactions?

Interestingly, I have been given access to the new instant notifications though.


The ‘debit card’ update appeared for me in Google Play Friday morning, though it was dated 22 May so it may just be a gradual rollout. Listed as version 2.28.1

I still don’t have instant notifications here yet. Does anyone on Android have that yet or is it only on iOS ATM?

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That’s really strange. I have the update that says on the App Store to include Pending Card Transactions, but it’s nowhere to be seen in my app. Maybe it only affects a subset of users? …but if this was the case I wouldn’t have thought that they would put it on the update release notes.

Or maybe some people are getting the Instant Notifications (me) to try, and other are getting Pending Transactions (you). They might be trialling them independently?

How is the HSBC app in terms of functionality now?

I had only seen what seemed to be a poor app but this was last year. Can you do all your banking in it? What does it not offer that’s needed?

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The pending card transactions appear in the same place as the other pending transactions did already- above your list of transactions in the current account transaction list.

Apart from adding a reference to including debit cards in the list in the help article for pending transactions and the ‘What’s New’ reference when first launching the app post update - it’s really an invisible update

Now they just need to do the same with their credit card.

Thanks for clarifying. It’s definitely not showing in my app, and it didn’t mention it in the ‘What’s New’ card (see my previous post), so I think unfortunately they’re only making it available to certain users at this time, just like the notifications.

It seems to now offer everything I need on a daily basis including:

  • Making payments to new payees;
  • Block/Freeze Cards;
  • Cheque Imaging;
  • Live Chat;
  • Cancel Standing Orders and Direct Debits;
  • Instant Notifications;
  • Pending transactions (now including card transactions);
  • Six years statements
  • A Budgeting Feature (Balance after bills) - though I don’t use it;
  • PAYM;
  • It even shows my HSBC account balance in a different country.

You can’t set up a new standing order or edit an existing one yet or search transactions - though you can do these with FD so perhaps they will appear soon.

Some features are relatively new and I’m waiting for the notification feature on my account.

I guess that now that the disruption caused by the creation of HSBC UK has ended, they have been able to introduce new features but they were one of the first to introduce pending transactions (ex card transactions) and cheque imaging for instance and are spending billions on IT/digital globally over the next few years so it will be interesting to see what comes next.

This literally infuriates me! So simple yet you have to use online banking to do it. I think you’re probably right about FD though - I spoke via Webchat to a customer service agent a few weeks ago to give some feedback about the app, and she said that the features that I mentioned that were already in FD’s app but not HSBC’s (eg pending card transactions) would be brought over to the HSBC app if they were well received by FD customers, so it seems like they are using First Direct as a test group before introducing features into the main bank’s systems (which I presume is harder work).

I like how easy HSBC make it to access statements, but I do wish that they kept transactions in your feed for more than a few months. It’s much more user friendly to search back through a feed (using a search bar tool) than having to open multiple PDFs and scour through them. Also, custom statements would be good - like if you were able to create a statement from x date to y date and export it from the app.

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Manage your overdraft…
Be careful HSBC will run hard search if you want to increase arranged overdraft…

Best integration… FROM mobile app…

Hah… link to web page